Katmandu, city sightseeing

October 4th 2009
Published: October 5th 2009
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Woke up early and after quick shower headed out to the city. The polution is owerwhelming, the noise and the speeding cars held togetehr bz string and wires. Rykshas that are taken out of some mvie about wan torn China, the roadside ditches and many more sights that are so odd to the westerners. People are the nicest anywhere and I had the best time interacting with them. As soon as you approach them and speak they open up and become your friends. The Dunbar square tamples are breathtakiong (don't mind the polution!) but the Monkey temple will stop you in your tracks. The temple buildings, there are many, are as if they were transported out of some other ancient era. In fact they atre only around 300 years old. Perhaps it is the wear and tear that shows on them. I met a young man who became my guide for the day. After luch we picked up another client for him. Over some lunch and beers, Karen,a Londoner, decided to walk the city with us. Later on we shared dinner. Each returned to won hotel and Prekash, guide, went home with some handsome amount of cash from the two of us. Another mini party at the hotel, this time in a smaller group but no less pleasant.


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