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August 3rd 2005
Published: August 3rd 2005
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Finally! I found a way to resize pictures, then sent them to a friend via MSN and had him upload them for me. If that's the way it's got to be, that's the way it's got to be!

Additional photos below
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Airport MadnessAirport Madness
Airport Madness

Looking for my flight at the airport.

The entrance to my apartment. You go up about 5 stairs and my door is right there.

A picture of the street I walk to get to school.
More StreetMore Street
More Street

Another picture of the street I walk to get to school.

Everyone in China rides bikes. There are bikes everywhere. There are even guys who sit there all day and watch your bikes, so no one steals them.

This is a stuatue of a lion outside the entrance of the University.

This is the bathroom at our school. This is NICE compared to other things I have seen in China. At least here, there are private stalls.

Snow is my Chinese assistant for my kids classes. We both love shopping!!

In one of my kids classes, when asked to draw his favourite food, one little guy insists on drawing teachers. Me and Richard.
The "Plant Park"The "Plant Park"
The "Plant Park"

A picture taken at the "plant park" aka the gardens.

Jinan is dirty, but there are some places of great beauty.

Had to throw in a flower picture! I have so many!
Irridescent SharksIrridescent Sharks
Irridescent Sharks

These are some huge irridescent sharks that I saw at the "aquarium" at the plant park. I'd guess they're about 3 feet long?
Bird attack!Bird attack!
Bird attack!

This is a big open area in plant park where people go to feed birds. LOTS of birds. They look like chickens but I think they are pigeons.
Kissy KissyKissy Kissy
Kissy Kissy

Crazy birds, if you have food, they fly all over you. There were about 4 of them ON me and about 100 around my feet just after this picture was taken. They made me dirty.

Yes, these people are actually fishing for goldfish. Yummm!

3rd August 2005

Fishing for Goldfish?! That is so bizarre and cruel!! I love the pictures Laura! I request a picture of yourself in a crowd of Chinese people, because I think it would cute, and I could play 'Where's Laura?' oh ps. I'm going to Vancouver again in a week, I will be waving to you over there okay?!
3rd August 2005

Oh cool
Awesome pictures :)
13th August 2005

You Have To Learn To Hold It !
13th August 2005

You Have To Learn To Hold It !
I came across these delightful facilities in Switzerland, but there were no stalls and the floor was concrete with holes level with the floor. There was no water bucket or water of any kind to "flush" and no TP. Quite the surprise for someone who really has to go but WON'T !

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