Zany Scooter Pics; Scooters Carry Everything in Vietnam!

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December 15th 2015
Published: January 15th 2016
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We had some fun trying to take pictures of what Vietnamese can carry on a 125cc scooters. I'd say 70% of Vietnam gets around on scooters; rain or shine; ponchos over handle bars in downpours. It is difficult to get good scooter photos when you're on the go with a cameras turned off in your pocket; many times by the time the camera was out and powered on, the scooter was gone.

We were amazed by what we saw carried on a scooter; so here's some pics of the best we could get; but sorry we didn't get a photo the guy wobbling along carrying a full sized fridge on the back of his scooter; or the 2 guys delivering a 4X8' sign on a scooter in Saigon traffic; live ducks in bags; or live hogs in cadges. Along with families of five; dogs hanging on handlebars or balancing on the rear seat or farmers taking bags full of produce to markets.

I've made this a work in progress; I know I have other photo's buried in the 4500 collection; I just have to find them again, so when I find good ones I'll add to the collection of scooter pics.

If you send me photos I'll include the best zany scooter pics; include place & caption. Ride on!

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