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Asia » Vietnam December 15th 2015

We had some fun trying to take pictures of what Vietnamese can carry on a 125cc scooters. I'd say 70% of Vietnam gets around on scooters; rain or shine; ponchos over handle bars in downpours. It is difficult to get good scooter photos when you're on the go with a cameras turned off in your pocket; many times by the time the camera was out and powered on, the scooter was gone. We were amazed by what we saw carried on a scooter; so here's some pics of the best we could get; but sorry we didn't get a photo the guy wobbling along carrying a full sized fridge on the back of his scooter; or the 2 guys delivering a 4X8' sign on a scooter in Saigon traffic; live ducks in bags; or live hogs ... read more
Farm Produce to Market Mekong Delta Highway
Thats a Wheel Barrel strapped to the back of his scooter seat Mekong Delta
Heavy Construction Compactor strapped to Scooter Seat, Moi Ne S Viet Coast

Asia » Vietnam » South Central Coast » Da Nang November 24th 2015

We took a late day flight to Da Nang; arriving at dusk, so missed seeing it in the light. Da Nang was larger and more spread out than we originally thought; with lots of hotels and larger resorts along the beach. We had book a nice French Vietnamese colonial hotel in Hoi An. The old city is the tourist centre with busy and vibrant fresh fish and produce markets along the river with surrounding newer urban expansion away from the old town centre and market river areas. The old town centre caters to the tourist trade with some good quality shops and restaurants. Night sees the traditional lanterns lighting the shop fronts. We were lucky to be there during the full moon festival with residence and shop owners on the street displaying and burning offerings to ... read more
Old Storefront House in Hoi An
My Son Chem Ruins, damage to 2nd wall, .... where its missing theres a bomb crater ...
My Son Chem Ruins 4-14C AD

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi November 20th 2015

working on this one ... Art Fancy Hotel - Great little "boutique" hotel with attentive helpful staff; rooms are smallish but nicely appointed and clean in west side of the old quarter Old Quarter Hanoi - busy with scooters and the occasional aggressive street vendor; lots of shops side by side and canton style alleys just 4' wide in places. Beer corner in the Old Quarter - after dark a vibrant place to sit on small stools and sip good cold lager; we sampled 2 places across the street from on another on separate nights; beer is good quality; and food is also decent quality; despite sitting on the street Canton Alleys Hanoi - We ran across these in several places; if they were in better condition they would be a fun maze to find you ... read more
Scooter Parking in Old Quarter of Hanoi
Hoàn Kiếm lake, Turtal Island Bonsi
Decent Resturant in the Old Quarter

Asia » Vietnam » Northeast November 19th 2015

We met the bus at the tour operators office in the old quarter of Hanoi that turned out to be 1 km from the hotel we were staying. I felt badly for the Taxi driver he got a good tip. The small but left with 7 tourists and the tour guide and driver promptly at 8 am and we sat back to relax for the 200 km journey that took 4 hrs through Hanoi traffic and out into the countryside towards the ocean and Ha Long Bay. kayaking, Islands, Pearl farms,... read more
Halong Sunset Halong Islands from Boat
Cat Ba Island Halong Island Tour
Cat Ba Island Halong Island Tour

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta November 14th 2015

We booked a 5 day cycling tour across the Mekong Delta thinking it wouldn't be too challenging being relatively flat and a short-ish duration; originally there was talk of a 9 day Mountain ride (yipes) or an 11 day Mekong to Angkor Wat cycle (double yipes). My spouse and I both did some cycling fitness training for this and although not a strenuous pace or terrain it was challenging enough with jet lag; change in food and the heat and humidity and my bicycle sore butt. We were picked up at our hotel in Saigon by the cycling glide with a van for 2 couples; cycling guide, van driver, luggage and bicycles and driven into the Mekong countryside; relieved to be out City and Saigon traffic, to a rural 2 lane paved road; fitted the bikes ... read more
Ferry Crossing East Mekong River Tributary
East Mekong Delta Road
East Mekong Delta Road Kids Going to School

Asia » Vietnam » South Central Coast » Binh Thuan » Mui Ne November 12th 2015

After meeting our jet lagged travel buddies the next day, we were picked up on time at our HCMC hotel by the Taxi Service provided by the Full Moon Village Resort where we planned to relax and acclimatize for our Mekong Delta cycling leg of the journey. The trip was mostly on a busy secondary 2 lane highway passing many rice paddies near HCMC that turned into state owned rubber tree plantations, through smaller villages and countless kilometers of road frontage house businesses with skinny houses; where the driver was constantly passing; for a white knuckle 5 hour drive to go some 280 kms. We began to relax in the last hour as the traffic eased and 4 lane highway appeared in the middle of no-ware and roadside frontage businesses and stands gave way to fishing ... read more
Traditional Vietnamese Modernized Accomidation
North Moi Ne Fishing Boats With Viet Flags
Vietnamese Bonsi

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City » District 1 November 9th 2015

Flying Air China, we landed just after midnight on 09 No 15 after 21 hrs in transit Vancouver to Beijing (Peking) Beijing to HCMC (Saigon). In our transfer through Beijing Airport; we found the Beijing International Airport did not turn on the heat until Mid November; considering Beijing just had snow the day before the airport was freezing cold; passengers were huddled together trying to keep warm; and airport staff had on full length wool coats perhaps this is a policy to conserve energy and keep pollution to a minimum ( ...!~?). We were prepared for the Vietnam heat and humidity not Beijing airports freezing temperatures ... we quickly donned all fleece sweaters and vests and light raincoats in an effort to keep warm and kept walking for 4 hrs on our layover. Looking out the ... read more
Siagon Nights from a Sky Bar
Siagon Traffic & Street Vendor
Old Saigon Map

Asia » Vietnam November 1st 2015

Vietnam Itinerary; HCMC; MoiNe Beach acclimatization, cycling Mekong Delta 4days, HCMC, Hanoi, Halong Bay, Mid Nam, Hoi An, Hue and temples at MySon then back to HCMH.... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City » District 1 October 31st 2015

I was convinced to go to Vietnam on a three week trip including cycling on the Mekong Delta for 5 days and 3 day boat tour in Halobg Bay; with some trepidation. Recently we have been busily squaring away last minute work commitments, and I'v been away winterizing the P&B coach house still under construction last weekend; draining water tanks and turning off the electricity while watching the first snow of the winter season in the Cariboo, on the Fraser Plateau, thinking how on earth am I going to be cycling in 35C humid Vietnam?. I've heard great some accounts of friendly people, great food and scenery. A group of 4 of us have come up with a diverse, not too rushed itinerary; HCMC; MoiNe Beach acclimatization 3 nights, cycling on the Mekong Delta 5days, HCMC, ... read more
Sun and Humidity rising 6 am Saigon River District 1

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