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October 6th 2013
Published: October 6th 2013
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Everyday I am seeing more and more things which facinate me. The way they drive and the fact that it is mainly populated by mopeds. Travel Safety law has not yet visited here ha. You see up to 4 people on a moped and 2 of them being children, and always adults have helmets but not always the children..... hmmm something wrong there.

Whether people are walking around or driving their mopeds they are all wearing face masks, the sort like I wear at work. So I was thinking if i had known that before I could have took a box from work, brought it here to sell!! I'd have made a killing haha.

I still can't get over the way they drive here. It really is anything goes. If they want to go left, they don't way, they go left. But am getting more and more used to crossing the road as you just go, and they drive around you. (Maybe this isn't a habit I should get into for when I've left vietnam haha.... especially not back home in the UK).

Have another night bus tonight as I am travelling up to Hoi An, a lovely 13 hour journey for me, so I am thinking beers today to help me sleep tonight lol. 😊 xxx


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