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October 8th 2013
Published: October 8th 2013
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Yesterday me and louise arrived into Hoi An after our 13 hour over night bus journey. It was not as comfy as the one had previously been on. We were on the back row each having a seat/bed, but there were 5 in a row, and typical me, I had the one that didn't lie flat and then it was the second one in that had the isle at the end of my feet, and a combination of no seat belt, sitting fairly up right and one the top bunk so to speak, everytime the bus braked, I slid forward. Not the best night sleep, but any bus journey wouldn't be complete without the bus river constantly beeping his horn..... even at 3am. Lovely man.

So our hotel is great, were staying at the SunFlower Hotel. It has a pool too and a pool bar which is right up my street. Makes me feel like im actually on holiday ha. There's alot more backpackers here, which is great as there wasn't really at the other hotels we stayed at. Yesterday we hired bikes out and rode for 5 hours to the beach and the Acient Town. It was so nice to ride around, but I was a little scared when it came to those junctions, as there are no give way courtesy here, so its a case of me saying alot, come on lou lets go lets go!!! 😊 But I can tell I don't ride a bike that often at home as I think i've now bruised my bum cause of the seat... owwwwwwwww. As Hoi An is famous for making suits and clothes and shoes from scratch, I went and ordered myself a handmade dress fit to measure. I can't believe it as it only took the woman 7 hours to make?? Jeez like that's crazy!!! But having some alterations done so I get to pick it up later.

Met up with a couple of the girls we met on the sleeper bus last night for drinks, and then our group kept getting bigger and bigger it was great. Lots of 2 4 1 cocktails at the hotel pool bar then off to a club in Hoi An, where you pay to get in and drinks are free all night. (AWESOME!!!) Lets just say I was very grateful for the all you can eat breakfast today haha.

The beaches here are sooo beautiful and the waves are amazing, just soooo windy. Kinda reminds me of when I went to Cape Verde, but still so nice. We sat to eat (more rice) and little vietnamese people keep coming up trying to sell you things. I think at one point the same man came and disturbed me 3 times in a space of 10 minutes to sell me the same thing?? There's only so many times you can smile and say no thankyou, it's slowly turning to a NO, then ignore ha.

Apart from the mozzys going to town on my feet and legs, i'm having an amazing time. So much so here we're now going to stay in Hoi An longer. 😊


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