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October 5th 2013
Published: October 5th 2013
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I can't believe that it has been a week now since I actually left home to come on my travels. And already I have experienced soo much. We had booked a tour to go to the Cao Dai Temples and the Chu Chi Tunnels. It was such a long drive up to the temple on a bus where we really wanted to get sleep on as we had only had 3 hours sleep the night before. But as I have come to realise over here in Vietnam, they like those horns on their cars. They are forever beeping them, apparently it is to get people to move out the way if they want to get past... but gosh it's annoying after a while, so that was waking me up and then I woke up to our Tour Guide (A Vietnamese Veteran who fought in the war) to him singing Old-Langs Aye?? Must admit, I did wonder how long I had slept for hahaha.

So the temple was lovely to visit. It was soo big and colourful, and there was a service taking place at that time we went, but we were able to go in and take photos. So after a 3 hour bus journey we got a whole 30 mins at the temple...... hmmm, but on to the next. We got back onto the coach and drove half way to get food, and of course the heavens open. And it doesn't just rain over here, it pours!!!! Got some food, I went for the good old favourite boiled rice, vegetables and egg, but was kind of put off this one as the egg white seemed to contain what I can only describe as a shell from some fish...... hmm, needles to say I didn't eat it all. Finally got to the tunnels. These were really interesting, I actually learnt alot, and I really enjoyed actually climbing through the 100 yard tunnel (was very hot though, I don't think I could have lived down there during the war, for starters my bum was getting stuck at some points hahaha, clearly wasn't made for the western women hahah) But a little fact for you, apparently they built the tunnels with a narrow section in it to stop the Americans from getting into them as they were obviously bigger than the Vietnamese. Every Day is a School Day.

Met up with a couple of other backpackers that night and went for some drinks, which was good fun to meet other people and see what parts of the world they are from, and didn't actually get home until 6:45am the next morning, which normally wouldn't be an issue for me, but of course we had our Mekong Delta trip booked for pick up at 8am. Haha tired was an understatement.

The trip to the Mekong Detla was good, we got to do so much, firstly we stopped at this place which was like a little village where they had bee hives to make their own honey, and louise thought it was the best idea to hold the slide with all the bees on, (think she was still drunk ha), and then we sat and was given some honey tea which was so nice, and then they gave us rice wine, which you may be surprised but I passed up on... couldn't quite face any alcohol at this point). We were then treated to the loacs singing to us. This was followed by getting on a kyak style boat to go along part of the river where we visted another place where they made there only toffee, so got to see how that was made, and then standard and true vietnamese style they bring out the biggest snake! And then it was my turn to speak up and I had a go with it round my neck. But they didnt just place in on my shoulders, no no no, they wrapped it round me like a scarf on a cold winters day ha!!! THen the nake got tighter but they said just pinch it!!! What! Im not angering a snake which is currently round my neck!!!!

We got on a boat on the Delta and went to all the little islands there, saw all the what I can only describe as shanty style houses on the river which the people lived in. We got to one island and stopped for lunch which was nice and then we got another boat to another island where we got on a coach to travel to the Home Stay which we were staying at.

The bungalow which we were in was so lovely, it was like a handmade home. There were 2 beds a seperate toilet with a shower head and the most important, mosquito nets over the bed 😊. We got to make our own spring rolls and cook them and then had what I can only describe as a feast with Elephant Ear Fish. We spent some time with the family and headed for an earlyish night. The next morning we had breakfast on a small boat and travelled on the river where the floating market was. This was such a surreal experience. This is actually how the locals live and get there money. It was so fascinating to see. Later we went to another island where I got to try a local delicasy of RAT. Yes I had BBQ'd Rat, it was actually quite nice, until we saw its kidneys, liver and rib cage in true form..... eurgh. I could taste rat for hours after. I visited where they made rice paper and turned that into rice noodles, it was a really good day.

That night when we got back to Ho Chi Minh City, I had to stop off to get a small backpack, as yes the bag that I brought originally was hurting me soo much, i really didn't think this backpaker malarkey though. So now I have to send home my carry on bag along with some of the contents of my backpack.. haha. This was the night of the overnight sleeper bus. Again, another experience, nothing what I thought it would be like. I was on top bunk in the middle of the bus, im just glad it had a seat belt as I felt everytime the bus turned, I was roll off ha. It was good, I managed to get some sleep when the driver eventually stopped beeping his horn (grrrrr, can you tell that the beeping already annoys me ha).

Weve now arrived in Nha Trang. 😊. This is so different already, there aren't as many bike or cars as Ho Chi Minh,but it seemed lovely. We found our hotel that we had booked the Sun City Hotel. From the edge of the jitty, me and Louise did look at eachother and panic as it wasn't looking like how we hoped, but looks can be decieving, as when we got to the door, it was a lovely hotel. Like ones we get back in the UK, but this obviously was only 6GBP per night.

We went discovering around Nha Trang, and went to all the temples which they had to offer and then went to the cathedral where they were holding mass. We then walked to some other temples and got on a moped (the back of it mum don't worry) to the spa where we had mud baths which was so nice. Got back last night and sat in the alley just drinking beers which was amazing as cost 35p so would be rude not to, 12 beers later we ordered a takeaway pizza.

Today has been a beach day which was so nice to just relax, however still managed to burn, (again sorry mum). Enjoying Nha Trang lots, can't wait to explore more. 😊


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