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May 5th 2010
Published: May 5th 2010
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Voila 😊 i am finally here!
And its one damn city, a true chaotic one with its motocycles, its pollution, its noises, its small tiny streets, its little maisonettes, its crowed streets, its smells of asian food mmm... well thats what I have seen until now and i like this authenticity. 😊

The weather is hot and very very very very humid! i dont know how people manage to wear long sleeve shirts! its really sick hot!

One of the guy I'm going to leave with came to pick me up from the airport and drove me all the way to the house im gona be living in for the next 4 weeks.
We had to park the car and walk for like 10 min because the streets are not made for drivers, at least car drivers. its so cut!

Cette ville est envahie par mes motos; des motos partout... et ils conduisent commes des barges cest incroyable cest le foutoir et JADORE 😊

Bref the house is nice. its a four floors maisonette with a view on other little maisonettes. the architecture is quite interesting a mixture of vietnames style and french colonialism i guess! i have a room up of the forth floor.. propre et sympatique im not complaining!

I met this other french girl. She's been living in Hanoi since september she knows her way around and she as well seems cool.
There are two other people sharing the house. Can't wait to meet them!

I can't tell you all the stairs it has. jarrete pas de monter et de descendre; rien que pour un verre d'eau j'ai 4 etages a faire lol. Goooood moring GYM!

Don't worry pictures are on there way.
In my morning rush I totally forgot to put my MAC chargeur... so im using Sara's computer while she's at work! i'll try my best to get the charge tomorrow.

Je suis un peu claquee et jetlager... i hope tomorrow i'll feel better. i'm starting work at 9h and I still need to understand how to come in and come out of those streets... picture yourself lost in, lets say, haret hreik. LOL

Bon i'm gonna go finish organizing my stuff 😊
and go have a nice healthy light vietnamese dinner! YEY

I'm excited!!!

A demain xxx


5th May 2010

hi honey! it seems like the start of a amazing experience!!! we really need to have pics asap... i just can believe your in fucking freaking Vietnam!!! you talk about water? c potable? les hoes? le boulot qd tu commence??? i love and miss you loads... tonight is the first opening how could you miss that?????????? hehehehe i looooooove u and again pics asap
6th May 2010

Waw..jojo.. ca donne tro envie :):) i wish i could come and visit youuu..can i?????? :p profite a fond de ton sejour.. and keep us updated ...it seems like a very interesting city.. but we want pictures its compulsory!!! take care of urself and eat well.. dont get sick !! love you XXX

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