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March 4th 2014
Published: April 27th 2020
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Beers of Vietnam

Biere Larue, Hanoi, Bia Saigon (Red)

There are numerous beers in Vietnam, which includes beers that are either imported or produced domestically. Each region of Vietnam (North, Central and South) have its local's favorite. In Saigon people tend to drink Saigon Red also known as The Original Saigon Beer and 333 or Ba Ba Ba. It is a very pleasant beer to have with any type of food. Its not too weak or too dark. Its just right. There is also a newer Saigon beer, Saigon Green. This beer is reserve for lady boys and bitch asses. It is the Vietnamese version of Bud Lite. A whole lot of bitch ass-ness and not a lot of taste. Hue has two local favorites: Biere Larue and Huda. Biere Larue is a remixed beer. It is a collaboration brew by a European country that I don't remember and Vietnam. Its dark and nutty in taste. I'm no beer expert, but I would have to categorize this beer as an ale with some stout characteristics. Huda beer is very light and pleasant. Its a beer brewed with Dutch technology in Hue. It reminded me of a Saporo. Beer Hanoi taste a lot like Beer Saigon. There isn't much distinction between the two.

"Hanoi has been interesting. My stay there started out with fear and uncertainty, but I eventually fell in love with the city's charm. I met some great life long friends in Hanoi. Anita, we shared so much similarities, but at the same time we are different. Maarten, great kid. I just felt a strange closeness to this kid. It is as though he's living the fearless life that I would like to live. And then there was Jon. Assertive and careless. Jon was an awesome English lad. We all shared a great time together. They have also positively influenced me to be a better person and man. My love for them will never change. They will always have a home in L.A."
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