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March 3rd 2014
Published: April 27th 2020
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My journey thru Vietnam has been an emotional, as well as enlightened one. There were a lot of fears I had to deal with. Fears of the unknown. Of how people would react to me and me to them. It has, after all, been 20 years since I left... To be honest, I didn't remember anything at all. Both Vietnam and myself have become so unrecognizable to one another, that we have developed fear of one another. We both evolved in order to adapt to the changing environment around us. The most difficult days for me were the first couple of days in Vietnam. More specifically, Saigon and Hanoi. It has been an amazing three months that seemed to flew by too fast. The important lessons I've gained from this trip was the source of my fear. We fear things, people or places because we don't understand it.

"The Southeast Asia route can get pretty repetitive...All it is , is a bunch of people doing the same thing one after another. Locals in each country caters to whatever the travelers are seeking. Adventures, sex, drugs, spirituality, etc. All of which can be found for the right price. So now that I got everything out on the table, I will see how the rest of my trip turns out."
Journal Entry: 02.24.2014

"We are all lost souls looking for answers. The only thing that we end up finding is disappointment. Would a life without dreams, purpose and goals resolve the questions of which we are seeking answers to?"
Journal Entry: 02.26.2014

"Sometimes I wonder if I made the right decision. There are some "I should have? moments, but that's part of life. You take the shot and live with the consequences. I feel a lot of regret by not joining those girls to Ha Long Bay. My regret comes from the assumptions and expectations that I may have an opportunity to smash one of the girls. By not going I have no chance. Ah man...oh well. you live and you learn to deal with the disappointment of your decisions...Next time I will know what to do. The cruise was $200 for 3 days 2 nights. A bit much. What is done is done.
Ahhh Fuck!! I regret my decision on not going to Ha Long Bay with those girls. I'm too frustrated right now. Its better to regret doing something than not doing it. I'm feeling that sting right now. I guess this is who I am....
I feel as though I am becoming more like Anita. She is a great person, but her attitude towards life can be negative at times. I do not want to be that way. This by far is one decision that I regret not doing the most on this trip. I can feel the twitches in my body. I do not like this feeling.."
Journal Entry: 03.03.2014


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