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June 8th 2012
Published: June 8th 2012
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Day 2 & Day 3 of the 4 day North East trip (29 & 30 May) - We left Chợ Rã town near Ba Bể lake at 5:30am and traveled up north to Bản Giốc waterfall on the Vietnam – China border line. We were all excited as we would experience the most interesting part of the trip. After having breakfast on the top of Đèo Gió pass, we moved on to Cao Bằng town along Highway No. 3. We got to Cao B... Read Full Entry

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Cốc Bó cave where Hồ Chí Minh used to liveCốc Bó cave where Hồ Chí Minh used to live
Cốc Bó cave where Hồ Chí Minh used to live

It was his bed when he lived inside the cave during Feb & Mar 1941. It was wet and cold inside the cave. After living here for a while he was sick. (Hang Cốc Bó là nơi Hồ Chí Minh đã sống trong tháng 2 & 3 năm 1941 với tên gọi là Già Thu. Đây là chiếc giường của Bác).
Local guide at Ngườm Ngao caveLocal guide at Ngườm Ngao cave
Local guide at Ngườm Ngao cave

She is from the Nùng ethnic minority group in Cao Bằng province.
Walking toward Bản Giốc waterfallWalking toward Bản Giốc waterfall
Walking toward Bản Giốc waterfall

I had lunch for 25 minutes then walked to the waterfall.
Bản Giốc waterfall (the main waterfall)Bản Giốc waterfall (the main waterfall)
Bản Giốc waterfall (the main waterfall)

Vietnam owns Sub-waterfall and half of this main waterfall. (Đây là thác chính với nửa bên trái thuộc Việt Nam, nửa bên phải thuộc Trung Quốc. Dòng sông Quây Sơn cũng được chia đôi.)
Mountains and corn treesMountains and corn trees
Mountains and corn trees

I am walking to Ngườm Ngao cave.
Souvenirs sold in Cao Bằng townSouvenirs sold in Cao Bằng town
Souvenirs sold in Cao Bằng town

Tea, medicinal herb, etc.
Truck driver helped us pull the car backwardsTruck driver helped us pull the car backwards
Truck driver helped us pull the car backwards

It worked. Our car was pulled backwards, then it moved forwards successfully. We were all relieved as we could get out of this dirty place and moved on to Bản Giốc waterfall.
A boat near the waterfallA boat near the waterfall
A boat near the waterfall

Vietnamese and Chinese use this type of boat for carrying tourists at the waterfall area.
We're going to get into Ngườm Ngao caveWe're going to get into Ngườm Ngao cave
We're going to get into Ngườm Ngao cave

We can feel cool wind from the cave.
Road to Bản Giốc waterfallRoad to Bản Giốc waterfall
Road to Bản Giốc waterfall

60km are in good condition and 30km are in bad condition.
Hats of ethnic people sold to touristsHats of ethnic people sold to tourists
Hats of ethnic people sold to tourists

Hats of the Tày ethnic minority people with the inner side made of dried banana leaves (Mặt trong của nón lá làm từ lá chuối khô).
Statue outside Bằng Giang hotelStatue outside Bằng Giang hotel
Statue outside Bằng Giang hotel

Statue of an ethnic girl sitting on a tiger is placed outside Bằng Giang hotel in Cao Bằng town.
Bằng Giang river in Cao Bằng townBằng Giang river in Cao Bằng town
Bằng Giang river in Cao Bằng town

View from window of my room at Bằng Giang Hotel in Cao Bằng town.

8th June 2012

Hi, Hong Ha, This part of your trip is very exiting with experience of your vehicle stuck in the mud :). Ban Gioc Waterfall is not high but the water looks powerfull from the photos. Thank you for sharing your trip with us.
8th June 2012

Ban Gioc waterfall
The Sub-waterfall on Vietnamese side is 30m high, while the Main-waterfall is lower but it has 4 levels and it looks beautiful. The Chinese are smart enough to get the beautiful part of the waterfall because in dry season there is not much water in the Sub-waterfall.
8th June 2012

North East - part 4
Thanks for another super blog. The waterfalls look beautiful. The human interest side of the trip, with the help you received from the truck driver and the local people is typical of the better side of human nature that sometimes happens when travelling.
9th June 2012

Beautiful Falls
Hi Ha! It was nice seeing you again in Hanoi. Keep on blogging and sharing those beautiful photos.
11th June 2012

Great trip!
Thanks Hong Ha. I was so pleased to hear about your trip to the waterfall and PAC Bo cave and to see those wonderful photos. When I went to Cao Ban a couple of years ago I was unable to organise anything to get to either of those places. Fortunately I really liked Cao Bang and enjoyed exploring all around the city. Now I you have inspired me to have another go.
14th June 2012

Chị Hà ơi hôm nay em mới vào đọc blog của chị được...chị viết hay quá. Cho phép em share bài này cho mọi người nhé. Vì cung đường này cũng còn rất mới và ít người biết đến. Hy vọng sau này sẽ có nhiều khách du lịch đến với Cung Đường Đông Bắc này.......thực sự là ấn tượng và có nhiều trải nghiệm. Cảm ơn chị nhiều.
17th June 2013

dear hanoi girl I went to ban gioc waterfall apr 2013 . there is mini-bus from cao bang town starting 7:30 am back 1:30pm. 80000 dong all the way road condition very not like what u have mentioned. I hope move people know about this elvin tokonglee666@yahoo.com malaysia
30th May 2015

Ban Gioc Waterfall On Top World Most Majestic Waterfall
Ban Gioc Waterfall On Top World Most Majestic Waterfall. Thrillist website has launched a list of top world most majestic waterfall, of which has a representative from Vietnam, it is Ban Gioc waterfall. Ban Gioc waterfall is situated on Dam Thuy commune, Trung Khanh district, Cao Bang province; is about 20 km from Trung Khanh district center in the northwest. Ban Gioc looks like a white silk weaved by fairies of northeast forests and mountains. Ban Gioc waterfall, Cao Bang is well- known for the most waterfall in Vietnam. This is one of the most four biggest natural waterfall in the world and situated on the national border of two countries. source from http://vietnam-online.org/?p=1702

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