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Asia » Uzbekistan » Tashkent April 14th 2013

The group has arrived and it is an interesting mix .Diane ,Gerald (retired teachers ) and their daughter Lynette (an emerg doc) from Alberta ... Melody and CC from Singapore ..., Pru and Billy (retired teachers ) from Britan ...and Kim and Jeanette from Sydney Australia . A mixed group and I think they'll be interesting companians. Lynette must have paid the single supplement so I get a single room after all . Our guide is Yura a russian-Korean Uzbek who was THE boxing champ of Uzek for 3 years in the late 90's . He has been a guide for 15 years and knows his buisness well. Enough of that We spent today touring around the city and it continues to amaze me . There are parks that stretch for blocks and blocks (green spaces ... read more

Asia » Uzbekistan » Tashkent April 12th 2013

I think I am getting the hang of overnight travelling . Arrive , check in to your hotel , eat , have a nap , then , proceed with your day . It has worked well for me so far . Again I tell a story of how fortunate I am . As I was travelling in Turkey I started to get these notices from a woman informing me that my hotel reservation in Tashkent had been cancelled . This was for the hotel that GAP will be using . Oh oh ... After several emails over several days it was arranged that the booking agency she represented would pick me up at the airport ,6:30 am, and take me to an alternate hotel . I decided to check out the hotel on Trip Advisor and ... read more

Asia » Uzbekistan » Tashkent April 10th 2013

I'm here ! The sun is shining with a high of 27 expected for today . I arrived here this morning at 6:30am and went through the Visa process and customs quite quickly . They didn't require a photo so I didn't need my scarf pics after all . I THINK Bursa could be a pretty place but it was rainy and really cold so I didn't have the energy to do a lot . The mosque built in 1349 is awesome . It doesn't have the minerets that the Blue and the AyaSophia have ,it has domes ... 20 of them . I was looking at some photos of old Bursa and it really stands out (it is huge ) but the neighbourhood is also full of minarets . It reminded me of the church ... read more

Asia » Uzbekistan » Tashkent April 8th 2013

3 April 2013 Wednesday. We checked in with Air Astana at 2:15 am for the 4:15 am flight to Almaty, Kazakhstan. The flight was uneventful, landing at 4:10 am with the time zone changes. Then we had a 5 ½ hour layover where we stretched out on benches to try to sleep. Looking through the duty free shops didn’t help the time fly any faster. We took off at 9:45 am bound for Tashkent, Uzbekistan. We flew over the Pamir Massif. If there was any doubt whether we should have tried going overland, the obviously deep snows in the mountains settled it. We were told that there had been record snows this winter, and that the passes were closed. We arrived in Tashkent at 10:30 am and cleared immigration and customs rather easily. There is an ... read more
$200 in soms
Bob at the Emir Tamerlane Museum
Statue of Tamerlane

Asia » Uzbekistan » Tashkent July 1st 2012

To get to the Uzbekistan border we have a final 50miles of Kazakhstan to cover. What a 50 miles – its totally different to the previous 1300miles!! There's hills, there's green fields full of crops, there's snow capped mountains in the distance. There's people and life: roadside markets and stalls. Its like we have entered another world. There's some weird stuff too – mostly in the form of very wacky sculptures – a ship on the top of a mountain pass, rings and suns in the parks of Shymkent. I'm sure they all mean something. The tulip lamppost I can work out – Kazakhstan is where tulips come from !! You can tell when we get near the border as suddenly there's lots of trucks all queued up – don't know where they came from as ... read more
Kazygurt Holy Mount, Kazakhstan
green fileds

Asia » Uzbekistan » Tashkent May 14th 2011

We arrived in Moscow and made our way to Kazanskaya station where we were to catch the train to Tashkent at 11:30pm later that day to leave our backpacks in left luggage. Well what to do with half a day in Moscow? We’d done Moscow last time when we had a whole day. Lunch near the Bolshoi and then acting suspiciously for 20 minutes looking for a geo-cache? Everybody knows St Basil’s cathedral on Red Square, the one that looks as though it is an advert for pick and mix. This time we looked inside; no big spaces at all; it is series of very high chapels all vividly decorated. See here for photosynth panorama: St Basil's Interior For the late afternoon a lazy time on Moscow River, cruising past the Kremlin, the Moscow parks and ... read more
Moscow River
Train No. 4
Soemwhere in Kazakstan

Asia » Uzbekistan » Tashkent September 14th 2010

Unser Taxi-Chauffeur brachte uns zu dem Hotel, das wir aus dem Reisführer ausgesucht hatten. Leider war dort kein Hotel mehr….. umgezogen, war die Information, die auf einem Schild vor dem Hoteleingang geschrieben stand. Für weitere 2 Dollar Fahrtpreis war unser Fahrer bereit uns zu der neuen Adresse des Hotels zu fahren. Leider fanden wir an der angegebenen Adresse nichts und da der Taxifahrer etwas nervös wurde, packten wir unsere Sachen und stiegen aus dem Taxi aus. Als wir wohl etwas verloren mit unserem Gepäck auf der Strasse herumstanden, sprach uns der junge Usbeke Cihan in fliessendem Englisch an und fragte uns, ob er uns helfen könne. Es stellte sich heraus, dass er einen Teil seiner Jugend in Deutschland verbracht hatte, und dass er in Amerika studiert hatte. Er sprach nicht nur fliessend Englisch, sondern auch Deutsch. ... read more
Eingangsportal von wichtigem Gebauede
Timuriden Museum
Moni auf dem Amir Timur Platz

Asia » Uzbekistan » Tashkent September 13th 2010

Nach unserem Aufenthalt in Turkistan stand er also nun vor uns, der erste Grenzübertritt zwischen zwei zentralasiatischen Ländern. Wir hatten schon einiges darüber gelesen und einige „Schauermärchen“ darüber gehört. Und deshalb waren wir sehr gespannt, wie das so ablaufen würde. Wir hatten uns von einem Taxifahrer überzeugen lassen, dass es viel einfacher sei, mit dem Taxi bis zur Grenze zu fahren und dann den Grenzübertritt zu Fuss zu machen, als mit dem Zug zu fahren. Da er uns preislich entgegenkam und wir durch die Taxifahrt viel flexibler waren, haben wir uns also für diese Variante entschieden. In einer 3-stündigen rasanten Fahrt brachte uns der Taxifahrer bis zu usbekischen Grenze. Dort stiegen wir aus dem Taxi aus und packten unser Gepäck. Der Grenzübertritt war offenbar für Autoverkehr ausgelegt. Die Strasse war jedoch gesperrt und es gab ein ... read more

Asia » Uzbekistan » Tashkent February 13th 2010

“What! You don’t exchange your own money?” I heard a man shouting in the hotel lobby, he was flabbergasted, whining about what he will do with the sum he had in his bag? This was a very strange indeed; something I hadn’t witnessed or experienced anywhere in the world before. It was what taught us to stick to the good old dollar for wherever, whenever in Tashkent. The two-and-a-half hour flight from Lahore to Tashkent left me feeling rather dopey. But stepping into one of the most beautiful cities of Central Asia was like entering an Old Russian movie. The capital of Uzbekistan and also of Tashkent Province, Tashkent is a cosmopolitan city with a large ethnic Russian minority. The city is noted for its tree lined streets, numerous fountains, and pleasant parks. We rested for ... read more

Asia » Uzbekistan » Tashkent October 1st 2009

The guide on the boat trip in St. Petersberg said that the train journey from Moscow to Tashkent should certainly be an eventfull one as all the Uzbek workers were leaving their Summer jobs in Moscow to head back home. Eventfull it was. We were in second class which consists of a number of four berth compartments in one of 16 carriages. 3 days and 3 nights of noone speaking English and a horrific toilet. Weren't sure about the train guards to start with, clearly the first chap decided westerners were easy pickings and that we would be the right couple to chose to say to the Russian border guards that his two random cardboard boxes that he had left in our compartment were actually ours. Jesus - good start. Then he followed up with trying ... read more
train kettle

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