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Asia » Uzbekistan » Tashkent November 23rd 2019

Uzbekistan calls! The name itself is mystical and conjures magical images in the mind of an era that has inspired numerous movies, books and poetry. The pictures entice you even more and the wonder filled description by friends who have already sampled the land make it so very exciting! The fact that there are 19 of us this time add to the joy of discovery. I can't wait for the cackles of excitement in the morning when we meet at the airport, it reminds me of a school trip leaving. Bags packed, ready for the adventure. Tashkent- here we come! 01 Nov: Day 1 # The journey begins! At the airport it was like a school reunion! Squeals and hugs , excited blabber and the energetic youthfulness in hauling bags made us look out of place ... read more

Asia » Uzbekistan » Tashkent November 23rd 2019

11 Nov: Finally the Uzbekistan sojourn has come to an end. Yesterday was a day trip to Chimgan , a mountainous region 2hrs away from Tashkent . Enroute, lake Chorvak- beautifully set amongst the mountains ,the misty weather , chill in the air, a chairlift ride to the top, SNOW on the mountains - all made the day pleasent and exciting . But the best was yet to come! The breakup party! 11 days of fun and frolic was made memorable by vodka filled dizzy veterans and Divas setting the dance floor on fire! As I look back on these 11 days, I feel Uzbekistan is a country like no other! It's a yo yo feeling between past and present, the acceptance of cultures that have impacted its existence and absorbing the flavors of the Turks, ... read more

Asia » Uzbekistan » Tashkent June 10th 2019

The journey from Dushanbe to Termiz is approximately 250 kilometres via the Regar border crossing. I took Bus #22 which dropped me off at the car stand where I paid 25 Tajik somoni for my ride to the border. Crossing the border was a breeze, with friendly and helpful officials on both sides. On the Uzbek side I was the only foreigner and was ushered through the crowd where an official stamped my passport and I was on my way. Outside the border, a guy was shouting “Termiz” and after some haggling, I agreed on $20 for the whole car to take me to Termiz although the driver did pick up the odd passenger on the route. I just let it go. Termiz is the hottest part of Uzbekistan. Termiz, close to Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan, ... read more
2, Al-hakim  Mausoleum
3, City Wall, Old Termiz
4, Fayoz Tepe, Buddhist Complex

Asia » Uzbekistan » Tashkent November 9th 2016

After packing up and paying the B&B we headed back to Bibi-Khanym mosque. we liked it not being perfectly restored like all the others, it made it feel more authentic. You can’t really capture on a photo how massive they are. Knowing that we probably won’t see anything like it again for a long time we hung out and took our time. Aside from Khiva where we had a cold wet day and the first day in Tashkent which was the opposite, the weather had been perfect autumn days reaching about 18 in the day and dropping with the sun, until it disappears about 6pm’ish and then it gets distinctly chilly. Today it was sunny but there was a Siberian breeze so when we got too chilly gawking at the mosque we moved onto the bazaar. ... read more

Asia » Uzbekistan » Tashkent November 1st 2016

The pollution in Delhi was the worst we'd experience by far during the early morning taxi ride to the airport. It looked like fog, you could taste it and it hit the back of your throat to give an irritating cough. We hoped the air in Uzbekistan was a little bit clearer. Despite getting to the airport 3 hours before our flight we were greeted by the longest queue for a flight we had seen and we were quite convinced we were going to be the last but slowly the queue continued to grow behind us. The majority were Indian but there was one group of women who were clearly Uzbek. Marie peeled off the queue to sit to one side and one of them joined her. She asked if she spoke Russian - nope. English. ... read more

Asia » Uzbekistan » Tashkent August 9th 2016

8 and 9 AUGUST, 2016 Departed Bangkok on a 9.5 hour non eventful flight to Istanbul. Waited at airport 6 hours ( no seating, so aimless wandering), before departing (6hours) to Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Discovered on arrival that I flew solo. For some reason Turkish Airlines didn't load my bike box, containing bike, bike tyres, spares, camping gear!! Tashkent arrivals was the worst schmozzle I have ever had the misfortune to experience. Bags flew or rolled off the carousel, it was 30 feet long to handle probably 500 bags. No Bike Box!! After arrival I had only limited time before needing to race off to the rail station for the last train of the day to Samarkand. 3 hours south. I have visa limitations. Through the valiant efforts of Mem, she located that the bike was still ... read more

Asia » Uzbekistan » Tashkent August 6th 2016

Here is my last stop in Uzbekistan. From Samarkand, it was just another 3 hours speed train to reach the capital of the country. Trust me, this is a very different experience from anything I saw so far in Uzbekistan. There are very few Muslim religious monuments around the capital. Tashkent is a new city as it has been fully destroyed by an earthquake some 50 years ago. So nothing glorious in term of Islamic buildings around here. They have a nice Orthodox Cathedral....but that was too an interesting experience as the roof of the edifice had been removed...I guess no risk of rain here during the time for some renovation! I'm staying at the Radisson....back to a proper bed and a more than decent bathroom....all this for a modest 45usd a night. You book ... read more
The main Orthodox cathedral of Tashkent, in a mainly Muslim country...

Asia » Uzbekistan » Tashkent July 1st 2016

July 1 - I was still wondering how the entry to Uzbekistan would be, as there were many things that could be quite complicated - the customs, the passport, having to claim and possibly show all your money here, changing money (you get double the money on the black market, but that is not possible in the airport), getting a taxi for a good rate. But just before the flight landed, the woman across the aisle said something to me and we started talking. She is Uzbek and I asked her a few questions and then a guy in the aisle said he was also going to the same guesthouse as me. All of a sudden, things got easier. There were two guys from the states traveling together, they had just finished college, and they were ... read more
Chorsu bazaar
Chorsu bazaar
Chorsu bazaar

Asia » Uzbekistan » Tashkent May 6th 2016

In 1966, disaster struck the Uzbek capital city of Tashkent, and a huge earthquake razed the city to its proverbial foundations, leaving its residents the unenviable task of rebuilding the city with the aid of some of its former Soviet Union citizens. Over the course of time, the task was accomplished, and in similar ways to those which characterized the re-growth of warn-torn cities the world over, Tashkent re-emerged and now stands as Central Asia's largest city, and the first in the region to be equipped with a metro system. The challenge here, after arriving from both smaller Samarkand and miniscule-by-comparison Bukhara was to see the highlights of Tashkent in the context of around a day and a half, a task made somewhat easier by use of the metro and s... read more
Khazrati Imam Architectural Complex (Tashkent; Uzbekistan)
Dining out, Central Asian-style (rural Uzbekistan)
Charvak reservoir (rural Uzbekistan)

Asia » Uzbekistan » Tashkent September 27th 2015

At last, we are traversing a section of the ancient Silk Road - travelling around the major "Silk Road Cities" of Uzbekistan. We arrived in the early morning in Tashkent - the exotically named capital city. Driving around the city we were amazed by the tree-lined, wide roads with extensive Russian-style buildings. A massive square, with a central statue of Timerlane on horseback - the Uzbek national hero, had pride of place. The whole square was surrounded by impressive large white buildings, headquarters of banks and industries, and the stark soviet built Hotel Uzbekistan. The Kukeldash Mosque, with its turquoise-coloured dome sparkling in the sun was magnificent, together with sandalwood pillars, tile and brick work. The adjacent medrassahs, a small museum, housing the world's oldest Koran, and other buildings formed a scene of Central Asia and ... read more
Non bread - Tashkent
Entrance to the Museum of Applied Arts - Tashkent
Applique embroidery - Museum of Apllied Arts - Tashkent

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