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Asia » Uzbekistan » Fergana October 7th 2015

We drive out of the large city of Tashkent, on a well-maintained dual carriageway, passing large Soviet-style buildings, modern factories and extensive newly built apartment blocks. We are soon gradually increasing in altitude as we head towards the distant mountains, and the Kamchik Pass, which winds its way through a section of the Tian Shan Mountains. The temperature starts to fall, the road narrows, the views become more extensive as we see snow covered peaks in the distance. We stop for a break at some roadside stalls, but decide against buying any of the white balls of dried goats cheese, which the locals are encouraging us to try!! The road is partially blocked by great flocks of sheep, leaving the hills before the start of winter weather, hastened along by shepherds, as the black sheep swarm ... read more
Fergana Valley watermelons
Stallholder selling balls of dried goats cheese
Views across the Tian Shen Mountains from the Katchim Mountain Pass

Asia » Uzbekistan » Fergana June 30th 2013

Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000167 EndHTML:0000005999 StartFragment:0000000457 EndFragment:0000005983 The Turkish Airlines plane touches down at 1:20 AM, so I'm bone tired. The cabin attendants gave everyone an Uzbek declaration form to fill out which was in English. Should have asked for more of these, as duplicate forms are always required, and the blank ones to be found at the airport are all in Russian, or Uzbecki. They appear to have been translated from O’zbek to Russian, and then to English, as they are entirely less than clear, especially if you have been traveling for 36 hours. “boomaga ne pariatke” ie. your papers are not in order, says the first customs man in Russian. The visa my agent in New York obtained for me was fine, but the declaration forms had to be re-done, in duplicate and this time, in ... read more
3 blue domes
brother & sister merchants
faithful praying

Asia » Uzbekistan » Fergana July 7th 2012

Uzbekistan: circling through the mountains – 7 July – mile 9273 Last time we were in Bukhara we spent a lot of time admiring the intricate & colourful Suzanis – the traditional embroidered cloth. This time we left a new “naked” day-bed back at home and it absolutely needs a generous helping of colourful cushions – the perfect excuse for a spot of shopping. As expected, in between the shopping we fit in a few museums and colourfully tiled Madrassas & Mosques. The Ark, the main fortress, defeated us again; last time we arrived in town too late, this time part of the outer wall has collapsed so its closed to tourists!! We did get into the main jail and see the Bug Pit where Stoddart and Conolly, British Officers in The Great Game, ended their ... read more
Suzanis at home
The Ark
The Ark - the collapsed wall that denighed us entry

Asia » Uzbekistan » Fergana September 17th 2010

Um die Mittagszeit herum wurden wir von einem Taxi zur Haltestelle ... gebracht, dem offiziellen Abfahrtsort ins Ferganatal. Auf der Autobahn ins Ferganatal sind eigenartigerweise keine Busse zugelassen, das heisst, man muss sich zwingend einem Sammeltaxi anschliessen. Natürlich waren wir sofort umringt von vielen Taxifahrern, die zum Teil unsere Koffer schon in der Hand hatten. Nach einiger Diskussion setzten wir uns in ein Auto. Die meisten Autos fahren nur voll ins Ferganatal - eine Autofahrt von mindestens 4-5 Stunden. Nach einem kurzen Stopp an einer Tankstelle, luden wir an einem ausgemachten Ort einen weiteren Fahrgast auf. Nach vielleicht einer Stunde Fahrzeit machten wir in einer riesigen Raststätte halt. Offensichtlicherweise waren wir die einzigen Touristen, es machte sich niemand etwas draus. In einer riesigen Halle, die auf dem Foto nicht recht zur Geltung kommt, war e... read more
Unser Mittagshalt auf dem Weg ins Ferganatal
Autobahnraststaette auf usbekisch
Im Taxi ins Ferganatal

Asia » Uzbekistan » Fergana June 3rd 2010

If you happen to be a silk worm and one which is unfortunate enough to be born with the knowledge about what the future holds for it, I am sure there would be a certain amount of fear and loathing taking place in its thoughts. Fergana valley and in particular Margilon is the centre of silk production in Uzbekistan and this is where it all started a long, long time ago, or so it is said in these parts. We got to know all about silk production on the wonderful free tour that is available at one of the silk factories in Margilon. And so we learned that after being fed for three month on mulberry leaves, they wrap themselves up in a cocoon unknowing that the odds of coming out alive on the other side ... read more

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