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January 8th 2014
Published: January 8th 2014
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As of this writing, it's 38 days 'til blastoff - I'm ticketed to Bangkok; arriving on the 17th of February, then trekking Lord knows where - south (eventually) to meet up somewhere in Malaysia with Joe my oldest son who is traveling back & forth to Singapore on his job. Possible meet up in KL, if not, then in Singapore.

Besides that - I am CLUELESS.

Found a good website though, http://travelfish.org. Am spending a good deal of time there trying to get heads up.

Planning to bring my go-lite backpack & just take the bare necessities - less than 20 lbs - I PROMISE! - I learned my lesson on my last overseas trip (Europe, 2012). Hey, it's not like I can't BUY something over there if it turns out I really need something!

02/06/14 Update

8 days 'til blastoff - still clueless. Decided not to be free advertising for Eagle Creek - got some Acetone & black paint - voila! now I'm incognito. What 's with this brash branding? I can see subtle logos, but 3" letters on the back of the backpack? too much.

Unless that is, they wish to sponsor me - but unless they do, I won't be their free international sandwich sign.


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