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February 12th 2009
Published: February 12th 2009
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Showing glaring initiative once again, the Tourism Authority of Thailand with the co-operation of the Ministry of Tourism & Sports has taken even more steps to promote Thailand with a riveting new campaign to encourage inbound tourism by allowing a great opportunity to the industry’s products suppliers.

As thorough success, however, depends on the alliance of all travel related bodies, it is there therefore, that the TAT asks all travel suppliers, operators and traders to participate in their new Thailand Super Deals campaign at www.thailandsuperdeal.com.

This ‘deals promoting website’, is aimed at promoting tourism in Thailand by offering potential travelers a rich diversity of real value for money accommodation, exciting holiday packages, shopping incentives, airline discounts and activity specials.

Since its launch in late December of last year, Thailand Super Deals has grown into a website of reckoning with presently over 100 tourism related participants affording viewers the opportunity to penny-pinch whilst enjoying the best of which Thailand has to offer.

First and foremost, the website’s accommodation feature is host to a variety of different lodgings to suit each individual’s spending-power capacities and wishes. On top of just daily packages, participants are also encouraged to offer potential guests special accommodation package deals. These packages, as promoted on the site, include: extra meals, late check-outs, free airport transportation, automatic upgrades, massage and spa usage etc.

Another specific package which has been promoted heavily on the site to incite potential guests to enjoy a longer more relaxing stay, is the opportunity to, for example, ‘pay for 2 nights and get one night free’. This kind of package, which travel suppliers understand, is one of the most motivating in the field of tourist accommodation.

Besides room rates to fit every budget, the locations of accommodation represented by suppliers on the site is quite awesome. Thailand Super Deals hopes to continue grabbing the attention of viewers by attracting a dashing array of suppliers from all over the country, whether it is the beaches in the south to the glitz of Bangkok to the hilly terrains in the north. A captivating variety of locations means more satisfied tourists which consequently mean massive rewards for the suppliers participating.

Moving on to the Thailand Super Deals, ‘package tour’ and ‘others’ features are again the variety of mouth-watering deals on offer by suppliers. Submitted attractions, so far, are targeted to those tourists after rejuvenating spa treatment, a pleasant round of golf, a couple of glasses of rare wines, fine meals and even a sightseeing tour of mystical temples; perfect condiments to make that holiday just a little more memorable. Thailand Super Deals aims to motivate even more suppliers, who can arrange just that something extra special, to participate with great packages. That said, it will also be for the suppliers gain as they reap in all the financial benefits from added customers.

Realizing that Bangkok is evolving into the shopping capital of Southeast Asia, the site’s ‘shopping’ feature is aimed that those desiring to indulge a bit and splash out on goodies for themselves, family or friends. At the same time, however, they will also be able to save and receive free gifts. More discounts and more freebies eventually leads to better sales for the stores involved.

Last but not least, the site provides essential links to all the airline carriers which are offering potential passengers bargain basement deals to travel around, in and out of Thailand. And it is hoped that even more airlines will come forward with submissions to boost bother passenger numbers and tourists to Thailand.

All in all, Thailand Super Deals is the ideal place for both travelers and travel suppliers. It has been especially designed to keep in mind travelers’ wishes of getting only the best tourism related promotion specials at the touch of a button on a single website. While tourists are happy with the fantastic cost-savings made, the participating suppliers will also be enjoying more business and so, more profits.

The website is open for submissions from travel suppliers, operators and traders from now until March 2009. A truly golden opportunity for all tourism related businesses!


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