Days 30 and 31: A series of unfortunate events

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October 31st 2018
Published: October 31st 2018
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Day 30 was a long arduous travel day. We were picked up at 7.00am by a shuttle bus which took us to our first ferry, from Koh Samui back to mainland Thailand. From here we got on another bus which took us to a bus stop at places unknown. After waiting here for half an hour, only able to buy food from their shop we then got on a second bus which took us to another bus stop in parts unknown for another half hour before getting a third bus to a third bus stop (this one was half a mile from our previous stop) before having to wait there for an hour. What an exciting day. We worked out that we were in Krabi so had a brief walk around our bus stop, we were by a pier so it would be logical to assume this would be where our second ferry would depart from. Right?


We then got on ANOTHER bus which took us over to our ferry and we finally reached Koh Lanta. We got dropped off in Saradan and then sourced a tuk tuk to take us to our beach hut. The title isn’t really accurate. The hut did exist. They just hadn’t been in use for months. Right in a jungled area surrounded by other bungalows, we felt a bit stitched up as the horde of “you need bungalow?” zombies slowly circled. We backed out quickly to the main road where we found a restaurant and had some dinner (We had eaten snack food over the whole day). Again noodles for Meg. I had a beef salad (Second best food so far. 9/10) and we used the wi-fi to book a hostel next to Saradan pier. After having to find a tuk tuk to take us back, at yet more cost, we managed to set up in our room at 8pm. We had a brief look around the town and got to bed.

Steps: 12 567 (We missed it again)

When we awoke the next morning we scoured the internet for ideas of what to do. We struggled. The west islands were not in season, and thus the majority of activities on the island had been shut down until November. The things that were on offer were substantially out of our price range, which limited our options. We targeted a long run but sadly my knees (I’m blaming lunges but in reality its probably just the constant walking up and down hills) would not allow me to go any further than 3k. We decided to try and walk to the top of the hill that overlooked us but again this proved impossible sue to their being no pathway up. We did at one point go off road but still couldn’t find a route. We did stop at a beachside restaurant called the Fat Pig, run by an Australian gentleman who seemed rather odd, speaking to us multiple times asking us the exact same questions, he did however point us to a gypsy village just outside Saradan, accessed by a walkway leading through the mangroves. This was basically a troop of fisherman's huts, with children playing in the mangrove water below (No crocs here then). The aussie sorted us out with some burgers (9/10. 3rd best so far). Our tea was rather uneventful pad thai once again. And we then settled down having booked a ferry to get us out of here in the morning.


Top Tip: May to October, avoid Koh Lanta


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