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March 30th 2010
Published: March 30th 2010
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Got the bus early to Hua Hin which is a bit more expensive in general, its a bit nicer in general and is where the Thai Royal Family come on holiday. As I left the bus I got a lift on a motorcycle taxi as this was my only option. I have never been on a motorcycle/scooter or anything in my life! In Thailand it is the normal mode of transport so I figured I would have to take the plunge sooner or later. Somehow me and my backpack fit on the back of the bike and off we went.

I survived and arrived at the lovely Patana Guest House. Located down a small Soi (side street) right near the sea it was an old traditional teak wood house. It was gorgeous and had loads of cute features. I was in the top corner so had lots of windows with a good cool breeze coming through. I also had a balcony. Shared bathroom of course but all was good. They even had teak wood sinks! After a small jim'll fix it job with some insulation tape round the broken bits of the mozzie screens, it was brilliant.

Again Hua Hin is not really a backpackers place but seemed to have a different vibe. Met a cool Dutch couple (everyone seemed to be dutch) who were visiting their 89 year old dutch friend who lived in Thailand and they had met some years before on a different holiday. Jan was an absolute dude who had done so many cool things and he didn't act or look 89 at all.

Arranged to meet the Kiwi, Matthew, I had met on the bus to Cha-Am and turned out he was staying close by. Was a bit suprised when he arrived on a scooter and said hop on, we're going out with the Kite Boarding lot (his reason for being there) and off I went. So by the end of the day I was a scooter passenger pro. Very nervous but at lease Matthew was a good experienced driver with a license - most travellers I have met can't even drive a car at home. Ended up at the Kite Boarding World Cup beach party which was pretty cool but bcz I was with just a bunch of people I didn't know too well, I only had a couple of Chang Beers. Then went off to a bar near the infamous Lady Boy street. There was some sort of strip show thing (guys and girls) and although there was no complete nakedness it was an eye opener! All good fun.

Swimming was less fun in Hua Hin as there was no rubber ring to play with this time :-( and too many Kite Boarders in the water - something I would now like to try. It was very pretty tho. The beach was a more serious place where tanning was the ultimate objective. I tried for a bit and then got bored. Explored some cool rock pools and stuff then fell asleep under an umbrella. I woke to discover I had burnt one of my legs... yes just one. As the earth does its whole spinning around thing, the postition of the sun in the sky changes and places that were once shady (my leg under the brolli) become exposed... apprantly this happens everyday. So ended up with one bright red leg and the other covered in my Hong Kong bruises... I was looking good!

Good night market in Hua Hin and had some yummy coconut icecream!


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