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March 30th 2010
Published: March 30th 2010
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The owners explained to me that they were over booked yesterday and that's why I was in the room (cell) that I was in and so I was able to move rooms. This time it smelt normal and it did have a window, 2 in fact but also big massive gaps where all my mozzie mates could get in!! I decided leaving the air con on would be ok (mozzies don't like it cold) but that in itself sounded like an aircraft taking off - very glad I had earplugs! Was much happier in new room tho!

I had hoped the "travellers bar" right across the street from my hostel might be a good place to have a beer in the evening. It should have been called the "pole dancing bar" instead - glad I noticed before going anywhere near! Every night there was just the same sad 30-something bloke sat watching all the girls.

Spent the rest of my time in Cha-Am playing in the sea on a big rubber ring, reading, watching "House" and the Jay Leno show (American tv) and getting quite bored! It was nice not having any other backpackers around for a while but I felt it as time to move on.

The best thing about Cha-Am was the massage place next door to my hostel... it was amazing and only 150B for an hour foot massage - bout 3 quid! Had my first Thai massage from a brilliant lady called Tam and although it felt good after it was fairly painful at the time - Managed to crack my back well good!


30th March 2010

Spoke to Dan yesterday and he is all ready to go - no doubt you are very exc ited today. Envy you lying on a beach with the sun and some water nearby to "paddle" in. Lots you lots, Grandma

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