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April 21st 2006
Published: April 21st 2006
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Just managed to find an internet which would let us access this page, so here goes for the last few days...........

our second day in phuket was cool, cruising around on the bike and chilling out. Here are a few more photos of the sunsets, they were amazing!

LEft phuket early morning, and the bus was on time for a first! woohoo! We then got a ferry to Phi phi island, which only took one and half hours which was good. we arrived here before our hotel room had even been checked out, so we dumped bags and headed for the shops and beach. It is beautiful here, loads of little places to explore and the water is clear and blue - great for snorkelling. We headed back to the hotel and cooled off in the pool, and then we went to our room to change to go t the beach again. The sea was rock free - thank god! Swan around for a bit, and chris was spottinhg little brown fishes! Heheheheeh. They were more sand coloured.

Went out in the evening for dinner, and had rice again - ooooo! but we did treat ourselves to an lovely ice cream! Ahhh was so cooling and tasty! WE both got really sunmburnt today, so going in search of factor 50 sun BLOCK Today as cnat take the pain anymore! Covered up totally and thankfully it is a bit cloudy today.

Today, we porbably will go to the beach again, and possible hire a kayak, but i am abit scared.

didnt realise that the tsunami hit here aswell, there is literally about 500 metres of land between the two coasts where we are but luckilly our hotel is one of the high points for evacuation! eeeks, hopefully we wont have to do that. They are still rebuilding alot here from the destuction, but it looks ok.

enjoy the photos, heading off the krabi tomorrw, and the to Pinang. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ok no photos as yet cos the internet is rubbish here! will try another place


21st April 2006

Hey guys!!!! Phuket sounds lovely!! Also has hilarious name!! I'm so impressed by how much you've done already! Am particularly jelous of the need for sun cream! It's not quite so sunny in the Midlands!!! Haha! It's great getting your blogs....keep them coming. : ) Lots of love, Jojo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
21st April 2006

Please add some photo's am dying to see what it is like there. Didn't have any photo's on the last blog either - did you know???? We are going to see a puppy tomorrow!!!!! How exciting. Send photo's, send photo's!!!! Byeeeeeeeee.
21st April 2006

It's so lovely to hear you both are enjoying yourselves and seeing a bit of the world. I have just had a weeks leave as it is Easter holidays. I need to hire a smart suit for Simon for his Prom as it is on the 19th May. Simon's Gig at the Manchester Uni went so well and he earned £56 for a 30minutes slot! Also today I got my first ever tax rebate so I will spend half and give the other to the South African School Fund. I am missing you it just not the same without you. Take Care both of you and ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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