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November 24th 2005
Published: November 26th 2005
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Mr Bond

The second day there was a planned trip which squeezed as much into a day as possible and as value for money it was pretty good as a whole day doing one activity sometimes is boring so our day was as follows.

We were picked up early and the weather was not very nice and our first stop was a elephant trekking sanctuary this was a new experience for me and a really nice one I have to admit as it was not the same as seeing the Elephants paraded around the streets of Pattaya. You are sat in twos on the elephant and walk around a laid out path in part of the sanctuary from what we saw it looked very good and the elephants seemed to be well looked after and happy???. The ride is short about 20 mins or so but that was enough for me.

Part of the sanctuary also has demonstrations on rubber trees and then a elephant show in which they perform various acts this seemed to me a bit strange as they seemed happy enough to do it but always with performing acts it makes you think.

After the sanctuary we left to go to a floating fishing village where we had lunch and from there it was a spot of canoeing in the caves around insert name of island which is very rich with mangroves

The absolute highlight of the day was for me visiting a island I never imagined I would.

I have sat in work before looking at it on the internet telling people I will one day go there or watched the film and only dreamt that I would visit the island used in "The Man with the Golden Gun" on approaching I was very trying to see the film in my head but just could not but once you get on the island fans of the film will recognise the landmarks straight away. This was a really great moment for me and one I will cherish for a long time.

We decided to leave Krabi on the 25th and head back to Pattaya.

We arrived at Krabi airport and there were no flights so we decided to head to Phuket as there were flights going to Bangkok from there. There was a young couple from Uxbridge on holiday in Krabi with no flight either, so with Nick and Nicky shared a taxi and headed to Phuket arriving there we managed to secure our flights and were headed home.

One day we did not too bad...................Krabi, Phuket, Bangkok and Pattaya


27th November 2005

i mate lookforward to your blogs,theres hope for us all!!
16th December 2005

nice one
alright mate it's been a while since we last spoke. glade to see your enjoying your self. take it easy mate and keep on diving, as we say 'no cuff to tuff, no muff to ruff, we dive in 5'. dave

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