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December 24th 2005
Published: December 24th 2005
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Being aboard at Xmas is a strange feeling in so many ways...its not cold for a start, there is no presents to worry about buying, no one is rushing around like idiots and Xmas trees look very strange in go-go bars.

Apart from missing all the build up I am going to miss Xmas day with all friends and family but luckily I have been very busy of late so December has flown by, I have been on my Divemaster course since the 17th December this ends on the 30th December then I will be a qualified professional in the diving industry.

The last month has been just studying and diving since getting back from Krab, I had planned to go to Singapore and do a visa run but I had my last visa run with a 30 minute visit to Cambodia.....Get on minibus drive to Cambodia cross border for 30 minutes then come back to Thailand....Easy!!

Well not long to go IDC starts on the 17th January so its that and then my IE on 2nd Feb and then who knows what I will be doing or where I may end up.

O and C: I miss the crazy apples you old dogs....Give my regards to M and J

Lunn: Have a Corona for me and see you soon?

Jock: Cheers.....No katoeys here mate

Dore and Yardie: Have a good one enjoy it in the sun

Skipper: Don't be tight

Andy and Gemma: First Xmas (ahhhh)

Foote: What you bought lately?

Martin: Hope you are enjoying married life....Thanks for the kind words

T-1000: Stay in touch let me know where I can come dive for free!!

Rodders: Remember that job, ask the parents

Soap and Jen: Good luck next year....travelling and working

Malky: Teaching anyone else 4 Kings?

Happy Christmas and have a Good New Year


24th December 2005

first jigga diver
dude sounds like its going well for you and i could not be more pleased for you, loving it out here every second, going home in feb to go snow boarding wish you could come, then coming back out here again after that, might be for a year, dude you have to let me know how to contact you i would love to say hi on the phone, ive sent e mails but no reply from you yet, here is my hawaii phone number 00118083712713 if not just buzz my english no or send an e-mail to me with a number on, it would be awsome to catch up with you, been free diving got 2 knives and a spear gun, seen a reef shark monk seals and shit loads of turtles, been swimming in 20 ft waves with fins on, i play basket ball with some real homies and i brought a ute to ride round in, call me up dude got lots to catch up on, take care mate speak soon, adam
24th December 2005

merry xmas mo fo
Hey Pete, have you recieved the xmas box yet? That will keep you going for a while, we miss you very much. Wish you could be here with us for xmas day, may be next year, we'll have a cider and mince pie for you, miss you lots, check it out now, we love you Pete oandc xxx
24th December 2005

Happy Xmas
Your BLOG is pretty spot on, you are not missing much here, except the cold. It must be hard to spend Xmas day on the beach, going out tonight so will have a drink for you. Laters Foote. P.S. I brought an XBOX 360, so cool..............

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