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February 21st 2014
Published: February 22nd 2014
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The Adaman SeaThe Adaman SeaThe Adaman Sea

From our beach
Hello Everyone, hope all is well!

We had a great final week in Koh Lanta and continued to enjoy a very relaxed lifestyle on the island. We can't say enough about our beautiful resort and all the enjoyable things we have experienced in Thailand this visit.

Valentines Day is a very special day in Thailand and they go all out for the celebration. The staff at our resort worked hard for three days getting ready for the beach party. They wove palm leaves into amazing shapes and designs that were placed around the beach and they were cutting out red hearts like crazy for the decorations. They had a fire show as well as a few lit paper lanterns that were let go over the ocean. There has been some controversy over the lanterns as the paper end up in the ocean. Anyway, it was a fun night and we were given T-shirts with hearts on them at the end of the evening.

We had kind of a reunion one night at Belle's birthday party. Many of the local people we met in previous years were there so we had a great visit and also were entertained by live Thai/Western music. The next night we all went out to a resort where Melody (one of our local friends) sings. We enjoyed the evening, a delicious meal and especially her singing. We've also gotten to know the staff quite well at our resort and have fun joking around with them. They are sure a happy bunch!

We met a couple (Daniella and Alexandro) from Italy and hung out with them for a few days before they left. They also love it on Koh Lanta. It was interesting to hear about their life in Italy and we enjoyed dinners out and visiting around the pool and beach. They come every year so hopefully we can meet up with them again.

Well it was an exciting day when Warren got a new tattoo! He found an excellent tattoo artist and studio with a good reputation here on the island. He had his previous eagle touched up and had some Tai designs added around the eagle. It looks really sharp and will serve as a good memory of our holiday and is a fraction of the price we would pay at home.

On Wednesday, we took a day trip over to the island of Koh Ngai. It was only a short ferry ride over and worth the visit. It was stunning with crystal clear turquoise water, soft white sand and limestone rocks and caves jutting out of the ocean. Kind of reminded us of Phi Phi without the crowds of people. There are no roads and only a few resorts so it is quite secluded. It may be a bit too quiet for us for a long time but we really enjoyed the day. It's hard to believe places like this exist without hoards of tourists. I also did some snorkeling off the beach.

I suppose you have heard about the problems with the Thai government and protesters. The local people here keep track but tell us it doesn't effect them as much in the tourist industry. It's the farmers that are losing out as apparently the government is not paying them a fair price for their rice. It seems that the current government has collapsed and everything is in a turmoil. We've seen protest leaders talking to the people on T.V. Unfortunately some of the protesters have been killed so it's not a good situation. We won't be in Bangkok this time so luckily will avoid demonstrations. Hopefully they sort it out soon.

Unfortunately we haven't been able to watch the Olympics except for bits and pieces on Asian news and on CTV news on the computer. We are keeping track of medals and it seem Canada is doing very well. It's like being at the Olympics at Coco Lanta Resort with so many people from different countries. So far we have met and visited people from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, France, US, Canada, England, Israel, Chec Republic, Hungary, Austria, Holland, Brazil, Belgium and Italy. I admire these people as they all can speak English and learn it in school from a young age.

We will be saying good bye in a few days to all our friends in Koh Lanta and will be ferrying over to Phuket on Monday where we will catch our flight to Bali. where we will call home for the next month.

Thanks again for taking the time to read our blog.

Mallory and Warren

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Daniella and AlexandroDaniella and Alexandro
Daniella and Alexandro

Our new friends from Italy

22nd February 2014

Hello from Kabul
Hi Mallory, I'm really enjoying your blog and the pictures. I can't get the Olympics either so I depend on Facebook and Twitter. I guess we can't watch anything on the computer because of the IOC rules for the CBC. Oh well. Too bad they don't know about Canadians around the world trying to watch. Say hi to Warren and keep the pictures coming.
22nd February 2014

Hi Pat I am wondering if my response to your blog comment is sent to you? Can you let me know? Yes we are missing watching the Olympics too. How is your work these days? I an reading The Lady The a Peacock right now. Have you read it? She was quite the lady. Warren says hi back. Be safe!!!
25th February 2014
New Tattoo

very nice Warren !
28th February 2014

Hello from the norwegians
Hi It was nice meeting you guys in Koh Lanta. We are back in Norway saving up for our next trip ;-) Really enjoyed our time at Coco Lanta. We were lucky to also get room at Tropical resort in Langkawi; what a beautiful place. Say hi to Warren and thanks for all his help. Love what you guys are doing. - Roger and Helena from Norway
1st March 2014

looks wonderful
hi, happy to see all is well....I just got home yesterday from Mayan Riveria...I went with my 3 girlfriends, Cheryl Osatchoff (teacher friend), Barb Mitchell2 and her friend, Val Bridge(Saskatoon) who was with us last Jan. in PV...had great weather & an outstanding resort...now back home looking at where to go next..still getting away from cold once a month...Mazatlan,PV, Varadero, and Playa del Carmen....not quite as lucky as you but love all your posts & pics!!!
3rd March 2014

a tatoo!!!!
what a beautiful place, love the palm weaving

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