Mallory and Warren


Mallory and Warren

Since retiring in 2004 Warren and I have been travelling over the winter months. Our goal is to visit and exprience as many places and cultures in the world as we can. So far we have been to many spots in Mexico, Hawaii, Jamaica, Belize, Venezuela, Cuba, St. Marten, St. Thomas, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Roatan (Honduras) and Costa Rica. In 2014 we will be travelling to Singapore, Malaysia, Koh Lanta (Thailand), Bali, Lombok and the Gili Islands.

Hello Family and Friends We decided it was time to branch out a bit and see some of the island. I met a lady on the beach from Canada who lives here 6 months of the year who recommended an excellent tour guide called "Mr. Piggy"! And the island tour certainly didn't disappoint. It was a great day with Mr. Piggy and our driver Jeremy. We started north along the Caribbean side and as soon as we left the Crown Point area, the landscape became very hilly and lush. Kind of reminded us of Costa Rica. The further we went the more mountaineous it became and the road became steep and windy with breathtaking views along the coast. Much of the interior is protected reserve forest with no road access. The one road that goes around ... read more
Parlatuvier Bay
Englishman's Bay
Typical Fishing Village

Hello Friends and Family! We arrived safe and sound in Tobago last Saturday and all is well! In general, we would have to give Tobago a thumbs up! We chose to stay in the area of Crowne Point in the south western corner of the island. Here is where most of the tourist facilities are and the best beaches. Even though it is geared for tourists it is small, quiet and relaxed with only a handful of tourists. Most of the visitors we have met so far seem to be from Sweden, Germany and the UK with a few from Canada. It is quite a change from Isla which has become very busy with tourists over the years. So for now we are enjoying slow paced days in a beautiful tropical setting. Apparently tourism is not ... read more
Pigeon Point Beach
Reef Coo Beach
Hummingbird just outside our room

Central America Caribbean » Cuba February 23rd 2015

Hola Everyone! Our final tour days took us to the town of San Diego where we stayed at the lush mountain resort of Soroa known as the rainbow of Cuba. The resort was built back in the 50's and much of the decor and facilities represented that era. This is where Americans came for holidays before the revolution. The area of Soroa is a rainforest and there has been a lot of re-forestation since the days when much of the land was cleared for sugar cane and coffee plantations. Much of the area reminded us of Costa Rica. We hiked up a steep 2km climb to the top of a mountain with a stunning view. It was quite a work out!! Next door was a lovely orchid garden with about 70 different varieties of orchids both ... read more
Delicate Orchids
A famous revolutionist
Orchids and collage from the orchid garden

Central America Caribbean » Cuba February 17th 2015

Hello Again Everyone!! On our third day of our Cuba Libre Adventure we stopped during the morning in the town of Pinar del Rio for a tour of a local cigar factory. It's not really a factory per say as all the cigars are rolled by hand by about 100 young men and women sitting at little wooden desks in a 25 by 4 formation. We were able to watch them close up skillfully wrapping the cigars. They have to roll a minimum of 130 cigars during their work day. As well, they are able to stay longer and roll more for extra pay. A very nice thing we learned about the cigar factory is that the workers are read short stories and the news by a person over a microphone. It probably reduces the boredom ... read more
The West End of Cuba
Sunset at our Resort
The Beach at Maria La Gorda

Central America Caribbean » Cuba February 9th 2015

We're really enjoying our GAdventure tour of western Cuba entitled "Cuba Libre". We've got a great group of 8 people and are having lots of fun together. We have Nicola and Natalie from Australia, Nicole from the U.K., Ben from Montreal, our tour guide Andy and our bus drive Jose from Cuba. We travel around in a 24 passanger bus so we've got lots of room to spread out. Unfortunately another couple from Australia didn't show so we were down to 6 which is quite samll compared to the average size of 12. Our local tour guide "Andy" is such a fun and friendly young man and is a wealth of knowledge about Cuba and its way of life. We were interested in hearing what life is like in Cuba under the communistic system. He said ... read more
Andy, Jose and I
Warren sitting in the front of the bus!
Co Pilot!

Central America Caribbean » Cuba February 3rd 2015

Hola Everyone! As mentioned before I was unable to write my blog in Cuba so I am catching up here in Mexico where the internet is better. What a wonderful time we had in the small town of Vinales a few hundred kilometers west of Havana. It was very refreshing to see the simple way of life here. Many rely on horses and buggies for transportation and oxen and carts are used in the countryside with the farming industry. The area around the town is fertile tobacco growing land used mostly for cigars leaves. The scraps are used for cigarettes. Apparently in Cuba all the cigar production is done by hand and uses no chemicals in the process. Hense the cigars are all natural and are of the finest quality. As well, 90% of the nicotene ... read more
Miriam and her mom Gloria
Basque style eating!!
Lots of delicious dishes!

Central America Caribbean » Cuba January 25th 2015

Our journey for 2015 has begun! We began in Cayo Coco, Cuba where we spent a week at the Tryp Resort for our neice's wedding. Rene and Jason were married in a tropical setting along with 70 guests from home to celebrate. It was a fun week with friends and family and a truly beautiful wedding. Unfortunatley this blog is not up to date. The wifi in Cuba is very scarce and where available is very expensive so I am publishing our Cuba blog from Mexico. We flew from Cayo Coco to Havana on Air Aerogavatia which was about an hour flight. We landed at a domestic airport which used to be a military base. We were met by our taxi driver which was arranged by Daniel who is the property manager of the bed and ... read more
Our Casa in Havana
A 50 or 60's pontiac
Capital buildings in Havana

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Sengigi April 13th 2014

Well it's been 3 months and I am writing our last travel blog for 2014. In one way the time has gone by quickly but it seems like we have been away forever! Our two weeks on Lombok has been a great way to end our trip with lots of R & R and time for enjoying the local people and exploring the island. I have determined the climate is perfect on Lombok. It's hot but there doesn't seem to be that intense heat that can tire you out. Perhaps the humidex isn't as high? There always seems to be a gentle breeze that keeps it a little cooler. it's very enjoyable sitting on the pool deck overlooking the ocean. We haven't had any rain this week which is typical this time in April as the ... read more
Tiu Kelep Waterfall
Hand Weaver
Our Daily Hangout!

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Sengigi April 8th 2014

Our final Indonesian travel destination found us on the island of Lombok which is only a 30 min flight or 1 1/2 fast boat ride from Bali. We came from the Gili Islands which took 30 minutes on a speed boat. The island is about the same size as Bali but much less developed which is kind of refreshing. The main religion is Muslim as opposed to the dominant Hinduism in Bali. We're back to chanting from the mosques! We opted to stay on the west coast area of Sengiggi as it seems to be the most popular spot for tourists. The area spans 10 km of a series of sweeping bays below a backdrop of jungle clad mountains and coconut palms. The beaches are lovely but aren't quite a match for the white sand beaches ... read more
One of the beautiful bays on Lombok
Our resort pool overlooking the ocean
A roadside lady who sells drinks

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gilli Trawangan March 30th 2014

We arrived from Bali on the speed boat safe and sound to the island of Gili Trawangan last Tuesday. The Gilis Islands actually consists of three small islands of which we are on the largest and most developed. Gili Trawangan is a very cool little island. Only a few kilometres long there are no cars or motorbikes. The only modes of transportation are foot, bike and horse & buggy! There is only one rough road that goes around the island with a few narrow lanes branching off. We rented bikes the other day and rode around the island. It was fun except there were a few spots where we had to push the bikes through sand so it was a good workout. When we arrived we hired a horse and buggy to take us to our ... read more
Our Lovely Pool
Horse and Buggy
Entrance to Our Little Courtyard

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