Mallory and Warren


Mallory and Warren

Since retiring in 2004 Warren and I have been travelling over the winter months. Our goal is to visit and exprience as many places and cultures in the world as we can. So far we have been to many spots in Mexico, Hawaii, Jamaica, Belize, Venezuela, Cuba, St. Marten, St. Thomas, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Roatan (Honduras) and Costa Rica. In 2014 we travelled to Singapore, Malaysia, Koh Lanta (Thailand), Bali, Lombok and the Gili Islands. In 2015 we went to Cuba and back to Isla Mujeres, Mexioc and then on to Tobago. In 2016 we ventured to Cambodia, Laos and back to Thailand and Bali. You will find us in Cook Islands and New Zealand and back to Thailand and Bali for 2017.

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Russell March 24th 2017

Our second week in Bay of Islands and our last week in New Zealand was super fun and relaxed! We cooked most our meals in so enjoyed cheffing up oysters, mussels, fish, steak and burgers. The barbecue was great to have and helped us keep on budget! One day we took the ferry over to the mainland and drove about 30 km north to the town of Keri Keri which is known for its oranges, kiwi fruit, vegetables and wine. Here we visited the Stone Store which is New Zealand's oldest stone building dating back to 1836. We also took the Keri Keri River Track leading to the beautiful Rainbow Falls. All in all, it was a great day! A highlight for us this week was the dolphin sighting cruise. And yes we spotted lots of ... read more
Hole In the Rock
Hoping to see a kiwi!
Exploring one of the beautiful islands on our dolphin excursion

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Russell March 11th 2017

Hello Friends and Family! We made it safe and sound up north to The Bay of Islands area. Unfortunately we experienced some rain so missed out on some of the scenery but according to local people here they have been in a drought so the rain was welcome! By the second day it cleared up and we were good to go with sun and highs averaging 25 degrees and quite humid. Some evenings stay warm but other times it cools off. We are renting a lovely holiday apartment set high above Orangi Bay called Oyster Watch as it overlooks a large oyster farm. Warren is enjoying himself feasting on fresh oysters that are available across the street, shucked and served with lemon ready to eat. As well they sell fresh flounder and smoked fish which are ... read more
The town of Russell
Some of the beautiful scenery in The Bay of Islands
The harbour in Russell

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Waitomo March 6th 2017

After three fun days in Auckland we started our journey south to Waitomo to visit the area and the famous caves and we weren't disappointed! The vegetation was beautiful with lush mountains and two lovely sunny days. The high altitude air was a bit cooler than in Auckland but the sun was warm. We stayed at a quaint 100 year old English country inn with great views of the surrounding area. We did a fantastic hike in the area that took three hours as we wound our way through tropical forest, farmland, streams and limestone caves. Very invigorating! Another highlight was our visit to the caves with numerous shafts dropping into under ground cave system and streams. There are 300+ mapped caves in the area with three main ones for tourists..... Ruakuri (which descends 65m), Aranui ... read more
The Northern Explorer
Wellington Cable Car
Little town close to Waitomo

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland February 25th 2017

Hey Everyone! Hope all is well! We made it to New Zealand, an easy 3 1/2 hour flight from Cook Islands. Here is New Zealand we are 23 hours ahead of Saskatchewan and we basically skipped a day when we crossed The International Date Line on our way. We had a great 3 days in Auckland (population 1.4 million) especially strolling along the vibrant harbour with all the cafes, restaurants, shops and ships coming and going. We really enjoyed the fresh oysters and mussels that were readily available. We noticed there is a strong English influence in Auckland with street names, english pubs, and hotels. We stayed at The Shakespeare Hotel and Brewery which was full of english decor and furniture to replica the Shakespearian age. The location was great being only 2 blocks from the ... read more
Waiheke Island
Flying proudly for New Zealand
Pier #2

Oceania » Cook Islands » Rarotonga February 20th 2017

Our last couple of weeks in The Cook Islands was very relaxed. Crazy how we can put in a full day just "chillin out"! I did go on a 4 hour bicycle tour with a local company and guide. The scenery was beautiful as we wound our way through the local villages and tropical forest. Every so often we would stop for a story about the history of the island, the local culture or some interesting information about some of the native plants and trees. We are amazed how most all of the trees around produce fruit that is either eaten or used for medicinal and antiseptic purposes some of which is exported to health food stores around the world. We tasted guava and candle nuts along the way. The Cook Islands was originally inhabited by ... read more
Miracle Fruit
Traditional Dancing and Drumming
Beautiful Folage in The Cook Islands

Oceania » Cook Islands » Rarotonga February 15th 2017

Hello Everyone. . . still having a great time in Rarotonga, Cook Islands! We have pretty much covered the whole island on our scooter so have seen most of the beaches, swimming spots, beach bars and scenic spots. We have kind of settled into a routine where we relax and sip coffee on our deck in the morning with a trip into town to pick up groceries and other necessities like beer and wine (lol)! We usually plan a destination by scooter in the afternoon where we enjoy a swim, snorkelling and sometimes have a fresh fish sandwhich for lunch at the many quaint cafes. We normally go out for dinner but once or twice a week we stay in and cook at home. Our kitchen is very effiecient and there is also an outdoor grill ... read more
40 lb wahoo!
Bringing the umu out of the ground
Getting the bite!

Oceania » Cook Islands » Rarotonga February 8th 2017

Hello Everyone! I apologize, my Cook Islands blogs are a bit late due to the expensive wifi here on the island. You take free wifi at your hotel for grant it until you don't have it! Hence, I am publishing my blogs from New Zealand. Our first impression of Rarotonga (the most populous of the Cook Islands) has been very positive! The population is 13,000 with an area of 67 sq. km. It takes 45 minutes to drive the 30 km around the island. A flaming orange coral reef encircles the island as well as a lovely lagoon and the coastline has lots of white sand although the beaches are quite narrow. Inland consists of rising lush fields, rural farmland and thickly forested mountains. Even though the Cook Islands is a separate country it has close ... read more
Our bungalow
Green and lush!
Our lovely pool

Asia » Laos » North February 19th 2016

We arrived around 6 p.m. to the lazy capital of Vientiane! They refer to the city of one million people as lazy because it is very laid back and not busy at all compared to other capital cities of this size. I thought I would mention a little about the history of Laos in this blog. In 1863 France invaded Laos and took the country back from Thailand. Hence the obvious French influence seen here. In 1954 a civil war began between the Communists Party and the French Royals. The communists won the war and the Royal Family was kicked out and headed back to France. The result was The New Republic of Laos which is based on a moderate form of communism where the government rotates its leaders. One of of the laws in the ... read more
Fresh Garlic Fish
Tuk Tuk Tour
Overnight train

Asia » Laos » North February 16th 2016

Welcome back to our blog as we continue travelling north in Laos! We had the most beautiful and interesting drive through the mountains in northern Laos. The forests and limestone mountains are magestic and quite unique. We were about 4300 ft. high as we passed through the area that has been home to the Hamon Tribal Group for centuries. It is amazing that they can survive here but they have succeeded at hillside cultivation growing sticky rice, bananas, potatoes, pineapples and yams. As well they harvest timber. There appeared to be power but whether they use electricity is questionable. Their water source is mountain water and wells. The kids' jobs are to carry jugs of water from the wells to their homes. As well they go into the forest and collect twigs for making fire. They ... read more
A curious little girl!
The Blue Lagoon
Mountain Area

Asia » Laos » North February 7th 2016

Hello again everyone!! For our next leg of the journey we drove a few hours to a major city where we flew to the city of LuangPrabang (population 50,000) in the north of Laos. Our first impression was very positive in that it is a clean and quiet city with a laid back feel set in the lush mountains. As Laos was a french colony at one time, there definitely is a French influence seen by the architecture, buildings, restaurants and bakeries. It reminded us of being in France. So far in general we have found things very inexpensive in Laos. Lunch would be a couple of dollars and dinner around five or six dollars. I also got a pleasant surprise in that good French wine is available in Laos and at a very reasonable price. ... read more
A sample of the French buildings
A lovely dining spot along the river

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