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December 25th 2006
Published: December 26th 2006
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Merry Christmas to all! Hopefully everyone had a good time and enjoyed it. Thanks for all the messages as we really enjoy reading them.
Andrew and I got a really nice bungalo to stay in for Christmas eve and Christmas, with a great view. It was really big, had airconditioning and even hot water! The beach below was faily nice but the water was even nicer as it's crystal blue. There are large rock formations jutting out of the water, one named Buddha rock. There was a nice pathway through the water where you walk on an elevated path beside the rocks.
Did you guys eat lots? Because we ate like four meals a day! The food is so delicious! For Christmas Eve we went to a nice italian restaurant called "Farangos" and ate ourselves to death. A large "italia" pizza and a large pasta each was more than enough. We have also rented Bicycles now as we have both agreed that we have bad luck with scooters.
We bike around the island everyday looking for places to eat or a new cool place to hang out.

On Christmas morning we ate cornflakes with soymilk... mmmm... and bananas. We cut
walkway along the rockswalkway along the rockswalkway along the rocks

view from our porch
a water bottle in half and used it as a bowl as we don't have one. We cut the rounded part of the bottle out and each used that as a spoon. It was a very good Christmas breakfast. We had chocolate and oranges as well. After breakfast we headed to the main town to make phone calls and I biked to the clinic to pick up some more antibiotics for my infected foot. After that we ended up eating lunch at Farangos again and ate more than enough once more.
After that we went to the beach, unfortunately I could not snorkel in the water because of my foot, but Andrew had a great time looking at all the fish. A couple hours later we had a snack and biked around the island a bit. It's been a great week here on Koh Tao, the weather is beautiful and not as hot as when we arrived.
We usually have lizards in our room, which is really cool! We also get lots of ants, oh well.
A couple hours later we were searching for somewhere to eat Christmas dinner. We found a nice traditional thai restaurant. Andrew ate a weird curry thing with a salad. I ate a weird curry thing as well. It was a great Christmas dinner.

Now that our spending spree is over we are back on budget, which feels nice.We will probably stay on this island for only one or two more days and then head to Koh Pha Ngan for the famous full moon party and new years eve party. Our time on this island has consisted of laying on the beach, scuba diving, getting hurt and then recovery.

Scuba was a blast! We both earned our PADI certificates in four days. We registered at Bans Diving resort and had a cool group of people to dive with, all from england, including our instructor Anthony. The course was fun as we got to go down to 18 meters, which feels like a whole new world. We saw a few cool fish but nothing crazy. Just being under water that deep was so fun as it feels like you are floating and in a whole new world. On the third day we were under water about 10 meters doing a drill where you take the regulator out of your mouth and go "ahhh.." underwater
Ban's Diving ResortBan's Diving ResortBan's Diving Resort

this is where we got our PADI certificates.
for a few seconds. Unfortunately Andrew choked on some water because he couldn't find his regulator after he let go of it. The instructor had to force the reg back into his mouth and press the purge, which forces air out. This was fairly unpleasant for Andrew as it forcefully cleared his airways, making him choke a little more. The instructor wouldnt let him go to the surface as it would have been dangerous. Apart from that mishap, we had a great time scuba diving!
Hope everyone at home is doing well. Its great to hear from you. Merry Christmas!
Trev and Andrew

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View from our "recovery" roomView from our "recovery" room
View from our "recovery" room

this is where Trev layed down for like four days straight.
leanin' backleanin' back
leanin' back

on Christmas
mmm... warm water...mmm... warm water...
mmm... warm water...

it felt great to have a warm water shower.
Christmas sunsetChristmas sunset
Christmas sunset

our hotel restaurants view
Christmas sunsetChristmas sunset
Christmas sunset

our hotel restaurants view
Christmas eve/morning feastChristmas eve/morning feast
Christmas eve/morning feast

cornflakes were good for breakfast
Christmas breakfastChristmas breakfast
Christmas breakfast

cornflakes were good for breakfast
Christmas breakfastChristmas breakfast
Christmas breakfast

we finished the whole box!
The aftermathThe aftermath
The aftermath

a box of cornflakes, ferraro rocher, oranges, soy milk, and more chocolate!
the inside of our roomthe inside of our room
the inside of our room

what a view from the inside too!

26th December 2006

what was the name of this town? or the place you stayed in? how much was it? Cheers!
26th December 2006

Hey guys!!! Man miss you guys so much. Obviously you had a great christmas. I'm down in old Saskatoon whoop whoop and there is so much snow, Matt and I couldn't even park on the side of the road. Anyways, just wanted to keep in touch. I love you guys and be safe in the new year :) we dont want any mishaps!!!!
27th December 2006

Photo composition
Merry Xmas, both of you. I like your photo composition, particularly "Christmas Corn Flakes in an Ice Bucket", "Cornflakes and Bacardi" is equally good. Have a blast!!
29th December 2006

Happy New Year in 3 days. Take a photograph of your foot, close up. You seem to be too active on the bicycle and walking. Lots of rest with your foot higher than your chest, lots of water, not Bacardi. Love Granny Pat
3rd January 2007

HAPPY NEW YEARs BoyS!!!!!! i miss you guys so much ... i wish i could have shared you christmas meals with you ... they look very nutritious. i hope you guys write lots about the full moon party, cant wait to here about that. well i just wanted to say hi and send my love to you guys i hope you're having a blast and staying out of trouble.... you're my boys and i love you... oh tearin up over here so better run before i ruin my key board miss you so much love ya lots meg.
3rd January 2007

Where did you stay?
That place looks exactly like the place I want to be in! I plan to go to Ko Tao soon, can you tell me the name of the resort? Cheers

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