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January 4th 2010
Published: January 5th 2010
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Our alarm went off at 9am. We packed up and left the hostel with our Dutch room mate who shared a cab with us to the next town in Ko Samui called Lamai. Had a fruit sald with yogurt for breakfast at a Beach restaurant called Beer's Bungalows and agreed with the owner for us to rent a room for 300THB (about 6quid between me and Elllie). We noticed how much cheaper Lamai is to Chaweng - fruit shakes are nearly half the price. Our room has a comfy double bed with clean bedding and towels, and a great fan to keep us cool so we were really chuffed.
Sunbathed on the beach which is much smaller than Chaweng. The shops and bars aren't as upmarket either, but we're loving how cheap it is. Had Tom Yum soup (spicy Thai soup with chicken and veg) in the beach bar nextdoor to ours called New Huts. Had a sleep in our room for a couple of hours (we're both sleeping sooo much!) then went back out to the beach to read and catch the last hour of sunshine. Seem to be a little sunburnt in patches today which is strange as I've been wearing Factor 15 the whole holiday and been fine. It didn't seem any hotter today, the only difference is we've been on a different beach. Not sure if that can make a difference.
We walked to the centre of Lamai and saw children along the way as young as two or three wandering between houses and huts on their own. I had Black Bean Beef stir-fry for dinner and we shared half a bottle of wine. Some guys from Canada came over, called Ron and Brady chatting about the Full Moon party and Arc bar. Me & Ellie walked down the road, and just as we approached a cluster of bars, a guy jumped out on us with a Pig Mask on. I'm pretty sure my heart left my body for a few seconds. We screemed then collapsed in to a fit of giggles, very entertaining for everyone in the bars who witnessed it, I'm sure.
There were loads of round shaped Go-Go bars grouped together, with girls pole dancing in the middle. They were all fully clothed as it was in an open area and there were still children around. Ellie and I chose to sit at the tables and chairs rather than at the bar as we knew they'd rip you off for watching the dancers. Experienced my first squatt toilet. Gross.
Wandered down the road and found an Irish bar playing Live Rock music. The band were really good and the two Thai women were (I think it's called) Headbanging so their long black hair flew everywhere. The singer rolled up her trousers and balanced on two chairs doing the splits, she was super fit and could do this at the same time as swinging her hair around for about 3 minutes. The crowd went wild. A raving lesbian had her eye on Ellie and kept dancing near our table. She looked like she's smoked 40 a day since she was 12.
Nearly everyone in the bar was quite old. It was great fun watching them Rock out, especially the ones who thought they looked dead cool. It made us laugh - we both said how great it is when you're listening to a song you really love and you loose yourself in the music. I bet we've both looked like a prat on numerous occasions.
The Rock band played their own version of "Poker Face" which was totally amazing, they even did some of GaGa's dance moves - me & Ellie were in our element. The last song they played was REM "Loosing My Religion" and the whole pub sang along, it was so loud, what a brilliant time!
When we left we couldn't hear anything - not even the loud music blaring from Swing bar. Swing bar has loads of wooden seats hanging from thick rope on the cealing around the bar. We sat for a moment and ordered drinks then a guy called Dan came over and asked us to join his friends. They were from London and told us about their jobs and what it's like where they live. We joined in on their game of Killer (Pool game) - we weren't too bad actually, but neither of us won. They asked us if we'd seen the cats with broken tails - apparently Thai people brake cats tails so they don't come back as a cat in their next life. Cats must be regarded as evil or something. Had a great time with them for a few hours, until the bar closed at 2am.
Me & El set off for our hostel but were attracted by the neon lights of a Club and decided to call in for "one last drink". Danced for a bit then a very attractive French guy came over and kept leaning over our drinks. We've wised up to that and walked back downstairs with our hands firmly over the bottle necks of our Bacardi Breezers.
Ellie got chatting to (another) guy called Dan, who was from Bristol. It turned out he'd also lost his luggage and found the people at Bangkok airport very unhelpful. Left Ellie with him while I went in search of a phonebox to call England. All the yellow boxes were all messed up and I ended up spending 300THB (6pounds) and didn't even get through. Was fuming, it probably wasn't one of my finer moments, especially the language I used as I vented at the phonebox. Luckily for me, nobody around me could speak a word of English.

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5th January 2010

i went to that bar on the beach with the swings all round the bar!!! how funny!!! glad to see it looks like you are having loads of fun! hope you get your case soon ellie!! xxxx

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