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Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Samui February 26th 2018

Die Tage vergehen und nun ist heute bereits die 3. Woche auf Koh Samui angebrochen. Ich habe trotz keinem festen Tagesablauf, ein paar "Termine" welche ich regelmässig einhalten zu versuche. Im Hostel 168 nehme ich sicher 3 mal die Woche ein nettes Frühstück zu mir, da gibt es leckere Sandwiches mit einem frischgepressten Orangensaft und schwarzem Kaffee. Die etwas edlere Variante bietet sich im Cafe Zing odr im Coffee House, wo man sich die Sandwiches selber zusammenstellen kann oder auch mal einen kompletten Teller mit hiesigen Früchten bestellen kann. Ohne grossen Stress ging ich letzte Woche jeweils nach dem Frühstück mit dem Scooter Richtung Norden, dort befindet sich das Crossfit Sunrise, wo ich für einen Monat unlimitiert Trainieren kann. Nachdem ich mich ausgeschwitzt habe, geht es gewöhnlich an einen der vielen schönen Stränden. Der am nähesten ... read more
Gesundes feines Müesli

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Samui February 12th 2018

Nach aufregenden ersten Tagen in Asien und in der Stadt Bangkok, welche mich wirklich sehr faszinierte, packte ich meine Sachen und zog Richtung Samui weiter. Ich denke noch weitere Male nach Bangkok zurückzukehren, sei es für ein paar Tage um danach wieder weiterzureisen. Nun erwartet mich auf der Insel Koh Samui 4 Wochen tolle Strandferien, verbunden mit Sport und viel Zeit für mich. Mit einem Flugzeug des Typs ATR 72 TURBOPROP ging es in einem ein stündigen Flug Richtung Süden. Es gab hierbei gleich zwei Premieren - ich konnte in den ersten Reihe Platz nehmen und mein Gepäck kam im kleinen, Flughafen von Samui als erstes aufs Rollband. Mein Hotel liegt sehr zentral und doch etwas Abseits der Viertels Chaweng. Ich kann also die Restaurants, den Strand, den Street Food Market problemlos in 5min erreichen. Um ... read more
mal was gesundes ;)
Blick auf den Chaweng Beach
Mein Roller

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Samui January 3rd 2018

We scored a pretty nice location on Chewang Noi beach. Got a bungalow about 30 feet from the beach and right next to the dining room. This is probably a 3 star resort mostly due to the location. It’s older but in good shape. The dining area and bar are on the sand. The warm pool a hundred feet away. The free breakfast is good. Lots of choices. Marie had to show them how to cook her eggs. After trying to explain it for 5 minutes To a blank stare She grabbed the spatula out of the cooks hand and did it herself. Then had to fight off a Russian guy that wanted his eggs that way. Of course nobody understood anybody else due to languages. I kept out of the way. Somebody coulda gotten hurt. ... read more
Beach bar and restaurant
beachside dining
The cheap taxi

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Samui August 13th 2017

Our last full day on Kho Samui. After breakfast we floated about in the warm sea and messed about on the beach for a while then we decided to drive up into the mountaind to the Namuang waterfalls. The main roads are good the side roads not so good. We got a bit lost in the jungle vegitation, saw elephants trekking slowly passed carrying their passengers, passed by monkey shows, signs to zip wires and finally found the falls. It was ofcause touristy with a car park and stalls selling the usual souvenirs but it was beautiful. The water wasn't cold and the falls were invigorating. We spent quite a long time there. Several people fell over on the slippery rocks. One of them smashing their mobile phone as well as their head. The children were ... read more
IMG_5656 Me by the rock pool

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Samui August 12th 2017

Mollie got up early to do some homework and I sat with her by the pool. George and Sam got up about 9.30. Georgie had been out and about again last night. We had a day on the beach. The sea is so warm you could be in it all day and not get chilled. Georgie and Sam took their float and tried to swim out to an island. They didn't see many fish, the water was too cloudy. Everyone but me had a massage which they enjoyed then we walked round the bay and had lunch in the Royal something resort - very nice. Then the beach again. In the evening we took a songthaew into Changwang town. Mollie wanted a new sim for her go pro. We found one in the big mall there. ... read more
IMG_5427 Breakfast
IMG_5409 the bay

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Samui August 11th 2017

The morning was spent relaxing and doing beachy things and in the afternoon George, Mollie and Sam went on a longtail boat snorkeling trip. They got to the boat in an open sided open backed tuk tuk type people carrier thingy (can't think what they are called). The sea was quite choppy as they went to Kho Tan island. They ankered near to it where it was calmer and dived off the boat and went snorkeling. They saw lots of coral and loads of little stripy fish, parrot fish and sting rays. A 'nemo' fish atacked the go pro which amused them. They might have seen a trigger fish but they are not sure. Later they went ashore and were given what looked like a banquet of exotic fruits to try most of which they liked. ... read more
IMG_5401 trying fruits

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Samui August 10th 2017

We had to get up at 6.0 to catch the 9.40 flight to Koa Samui. The small prop. plane flew us over the deep blue Gulf of Thailand and we landed on the beautiful island. Our hotel, The White House Beach Resort and Spar, is built to resemble a temple and our rooms are really lovely. We had lunch in the restaurant over looking the bay then we chilled on the white sandy beach and swam in the very warm sea. In the evening we wandered around the little town, looked in some of the shops and ate in a lovely Italian restaurant for a change (lovely pizzas) Still no rain - can't believe it's monsoon season. Hope I'm not speaking too soon. ... read more
IMG_5406 Enterance to mollie and my room

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Samui May 26th 2017

I have always envisioned the most wonderful brunches right near the beach, with a delectable spread of different cuisines, and an overflowing choice of drinks, and of course, something cool like a live band or some sort of entertainment to tie the experience together. Holding that image in mind, I dragged my husband to travel with me to the wonderful island of Koh Samui for a few days for a work-leisure getaway after our trip to Koh Yao Noi, and of course, Koh Samui is full of fabulous food. We decideed to experience the Sunday brunch Koh Samui at the Beach Republic. We were both excited. After hearing wonderful things about the Sunday sessions and seeing the enticing photos via social m... read more
Sunday Brunch at Beach Republic
Live Music
Beach Club

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Samui May 18th 2017

Did you notice the change of continent? In the interim I wrote a blog post entitled 'Stranded on Heron Island' when we were given an hour's worth of free internet access after the ferry failed to show up on our departure day. However since there is no sign of that entry, the internet was as unreliable as the ferry - blame the bad weather, a spin off of cyclone Donna that caused big damage in Vanuatu, about 1800 km away. Since the last posted entry a lot has happened and we're exhausted so I'm going to let the photos briefly tell the story...... read more
Black noddy terns and a white egret
White capped noddy tern or is it a black noddy tern?
Sunset with some of the terns returning to roost after a day out fishing

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Samui May 12th 2017

... Still suffering big time but we arrived in Koh Samui! Char was disappointed in herself after throwing up twice that this is the state she decided to meet Jacks cousin Gage and his girlfriend Lisa for the first time. Luckily they were floating about in the pool which looked refreshing, so we joined them there and got a welcome free drink which together definitely made us feel a bit better! This place was by far the nicest place we had stayed to date, Char and Lisa were extremely impressed by the Spanish god owner and we had air con, what luxury! The afternoon was spent sunning ourselves in the pool. In the evening we went to the local market in the fishermans village which was beautiful and filled to the brim with people selling lots ... read more

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