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June 5th 2006
Published: June 30th 2006
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Today we headed to Bottle Beach, which is only accessible by boat, so we got a Long boat from Chaloklum. You could see instantly why this was a prime spot, the water was crystal clear and the sand pure white. We had a bungalow that was about 2 and half metres off the ground, which was essentially just a wooden box with a double bed in the middle and a fan.
We noticed our neighbours next door were a bit hysterical and they told us they had a massive spider on the porch of their bungalow, which was poisonous so the man from the resort was spraying it with high toxic stuff!! We hoped we would not come across any of them.
Once back in the room Ol noticed a massive cockroach in the shower, he tried picking it up with his shoes as it was on its back and thought it was dead - it soon sprung into life, which made Ol jump, he coated it with a load of bug spray but this thing did not want to die, so he managed to wash it down the drain and cover it with a bucket - yuk! It's times like this i miss home and knew i would not sleep that night because of all the bugs around. We decided to take a walk along the beach as the sun was starting to set, also the electricity cut out on the island so we thought it would pass the time until it came back on. There were only a smal no. of people there as the beach is not over advertised. THe electricity didn't come back on until 6.30pm we went to the other bar which was more family run rather than our bar which was run by lads who were stoned. It is unlikely the police would come by here as it so secluded. After a meal and a film we headed back to our coffin... i mean bungalow when we were greated by another large cockroach, except this one came runing out of the bathroom at full speed at me, que histerical city girl jumping on the bed screaming "get it ol, get it!". Ol was once again briliant and li8ke superman he grabed the broom and the insect spray. This time it met a grizly end and was promptly brushed off the balcony. We asked to stay
Getting the longboat from Bottle beachGetting the longboat from Bottle beachGetting the longboat from Bottle beach

The only way to and from the beach is by boat.
just the one night rather the two, because although the beach was lovely there was not much else to do. After a bad night sleep because 1, the thought of a cockroach crawling into my ear and 2 the electricity going off at 3 am, meaning our fan went off ( a very sweaty night) we packed up a went to leave the beach. Caught a very rough crossing back to Chaloklum where we caught a local taxi to Haad Rin...

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Leaving Bottle BeachLeaving Bottle Beach
Leaving Bottle Beach

(and the cockroaches!)

30th June 2006

Hi Ollie...I mean superman and Amy - I would have died Amy, i can just about cope with a daddy long legs once in a blue moon - if i'd have been there i would have been exactly the same as you and chance!! - Bugs aside you do sound like you are seeing some beautiful sites though Amy so i am sure you are enjoying every minute of your trips around. you will glad to hear, you will miss the annual get together romorrow around ours - which if you remeber, was a experience for YOU the first time we met you - Craig....moon!! and as you well know....James and Craig won't be sad to miss it!! Take care of each other - hugs The Bennetts xxx
4th July 2006

sounds like beetle beach
hi both this is third time lucky trying to send this blog fabulous reading them but your photos didnt come through only the captions ,shame woukld have loved to have seen the sunset and ols white t/shirt ;;or not ;;in the pool ,sounds fantastic all the beaches and places you are seeing ,had a great night at dawn and craigs she really works hard ,craig was shouting all night taxi for archer but its still there as far as i know ha ha .spoke to ann last night ,they have had a problem with thecomputer ,as we have, but ours is on form again.anyway sounds like you are really enjoying yourselves you lucky pair ,im jealous but you can keep the bugs.';;;;;;;speak to you soon love mom and dad xxxxxx
5th July 2006

Emotional mommy
Hi amy and ol just got back from sophies induction to Greenholm school nealy in tears trying the uniform on soph will be in bits september 12th. She is really exited and will tell you all about it when you next phone. Dont envy you with the bugs sounds horrid!!!!! James and Craig wondering if ollie had a massage off a ladyboy you cant tell apparantly Hee hee! Speak to you soon loads of love the Cuddsxx
6th July 2006

trying the computerhelp
dear amy and ollie you are sitting he re in oh sod it i cant find the ffffffffffing f found iit front of me ,you arehere with me this makes us fee l so close takegood care of yourselves i bet you look a cou i cant f\nd a flipping p now ......ple of locals llove nan xxxxxxxx
8th July 2006

try taking the lens cap off
Hiya kids, sounds like you're having the time of your lives. Youve either forgotten to take the lens cap off or you were at bottle beach at midnight! never mind im sure it probably looks like breen sands!!!! don't forget to get me a stick of rock! missing you but great to read your comments love Barbara,Steph and Nicole

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