Stan’s Search for the Elusive Coconut in Koh Phangan

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January 14th 2020
Published: January 19th 2020
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This morning we woke up with a desperate need to drink fresh young coconut milk, and a new mission was born.

I once watched locals in Indonesia shimmering up coconut trees, and my 16 year old monkey brain kept telling me “I can do that”.

So Bev and I jump on our scooters, scrutinize the landscape, check every tree, and finally we spot the young green coconuts. There they are: all piled, one on top of the other, at a road side food stall. I could not believe our good fortune! I did not have to travel the jungle, worrying about snakes and all sorts of creepy crawlers, and climb a 40 foot tree in pursuit of young coconuts as temperatures quickly soared up to a balmy 27 degrees 😂

Now the next difficult task presents itself. Which coconut should I choose? Which is the freshest? Which contains the most fresh coconut milk, and which coconut has the most coconut meat? Not a easy task by a long shot, for a novice coconut hunter.

With determination and perseverance I press on and finally make my selection.

The next step in the process involves assembling the coconut hunter’s tool kit, and skilfully utilizing the tools - first drilling a hole for the reusable straw with which to drink the coconut milk, then afterward chopping the shell in two to access the meat inside.

And then there it is - mission accomplished - a delicious wholesome food, organically and locally grown under tropical skies of sunshine and rain. To tropical residents, there may be little surprise or adventure here - but for those of us who come from northern climates, like us in Central Canada, who never see fresh green coconuts, this process is indeed a delightful adventure, a pleasant reminder of just where we are, and an opportunity to acquire a little cultural enrichment.

Thank you for your interest in our travels.

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Coconut MeatCoconut Meat
Coconut Meat

Wholesome, delicious, organic, and locally grown.
Another Beautiful Day 🙏Another Beautiful Day 🙏
Another Beautiful Day 🙏

Thank you for your interest in our travels.

19th January 2020

Stan’s Search for the Elusive Coconut in Koh Phangan
Thank you, Bev and Stan. . . Not just for having great adventures, but for sharing them. They make my heart sing. ❤️
20th January 2020

Stan’s Search for the Elusive Coconut
Thank you for the lovely comment Robin! Making hearts sing is strong motivation to continue sharing, without doubt, and I shall remember your comment each time we post. It is a pleasure having you travel vicariously with us. Take care. 💜🙏
20th January 2020

you? Monkey Brain?
What a truly delightful report!! I can almost taste it. Thanks for that little bit of tropical wonder for those of us you’ve left behind in the cold.

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