Ko Mook (3rd April 2008)

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April 3rd 2008
Published: April 5th 2008
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Ko Mook 0304 1Ko Mook 0304 1Ko Mook 0304 1

Gibbons that were jumping about on my roof and interupted my beauty sleep

Ko Mook (3rd April 2008)

Got woke very early - first of all by some annoying insects (possibly some cricket like creature) where 1 starts making this noise in the distance then then like an mexican wave the next one starts and so on and so on - before you know it they're all in chrous creating this defining loud noise! This was followed by some rustling of a plastic bag inside our room - immediately i thought this would be rats (let me assure you over here there is no such thing as a small rat - they are bigger than the cats!). I purposley made noise moving around on my bed - this seemed to work as the rustling stopped. After this, there were then several big bangs on the bungalow roof. I'd completely given up on sleep so i went out and investigated. I discovered several monkeys (possibly Gibbons) jumping around collecting bits of fruit, coconuts and any food they could find on the floor! It was funny watching all the dogs chasing & trying to catch the monkeys and the monkeys just running up a tree and sitting there looking down taking the piss!

Ko Mook 0304 2Ko Mook 0304 2Ko Mook 0304 2

Me at the marriots hotel
then went to breakfast to the place i stayed on my first night in Ko Mook to have the sticky rice and coconut we ordered yesterday. Once again they were so so good (very addictive - ill be having them again). On the first night i stayed there 1 of the owners claimed as a joke (i guess!) they do the best food in Asia - they might be right!

After breaky, went and packed. Fabienne discovered that some food (banana cake) she had in a seeled bag that she'd forgotten about had a hole bitten in it and half the cake was gone - the rats!!!

Left Ko Mook for Ko kradan on a long boat at approx 11am. Only a 6km crossing so arrived on ko kradan around 11.30. First impression. Again, beautiful, very quiet but very heavenly. Stayed in the ko kradan beach resort. As only staying 1 night got the cheapest accomodation (800B) and it was very basic and a bit of a clean shit hole. Had the necessaties & very close to the beach too.

Straight away we went for a walk along the beach to the south side where good snorkling
Ko Mook 0304 3Ko Mook 0304 3Ko Mook 0304 3

Me and some of the staff a the best restauant in Asia
was recommended. Water and beaches were amazing - snorkling was good, nothing more! Didn't see any nemo fish! At the end of the coral there was a massive drop off where the water went all cold and dark - swimming over that put the shits up me so i quickly did a U turn and went back to warmer, safer water lol.

During afternoon went for a walk to the north side of the island - again lovely, very quiet and secluded, rocky in places. Had some pineapple and honey fritters for afternoon snack which were very good and naughty and bad for you. Later in afternoon a big storm was brewing and at one point when i was on the beach a big bolt of lightning struck down in the sea - probably no more than 1km away as the thunder cracked and boomed litterly a milli second after the flash - It nearly blew my ear drums out!

Had an afternoon power nap (snorkling had really tired me out lol), then walked over to sunset beach through the jungle. Early in the day i had discovered that my old camera that broke in Kuala Lumpur miraculously
Ko Mook 0304 4Ko Mook 0304 4Ko Mook 0304 4

Some sex symbol sunning and soaking it up.......Leaving ko Mook on long boat
has starting working again. I let Fabienne use this camera to test it out hoping that she will like it and buy it as she is not happy with her camera nd the pictures it takes.

Sunset was pretty poo but the beach / cove was very nice. Got back to our resort and realised I had forgotten the camera case for my old camera which has a battery in it too. It was now way to dark to go back through the jungle. I would just have to hope the tide doesn't go too far in and wash it away. I dont fancy my chances of seeing it again.

Had a quiet evening again, had a few beers, fantastic food, had more pineapple fritters got eaten alive by mosquito's and sand flys, itched and scratched myself through out the night - happy days!

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Ko kradan 0304 1Ko kradan 0304 1
Ko kradan 0304 1

This time staying at the de vere (ko kradan beach resort)
Ko kradan 0304 5Ko kradan 0304 5
Ko kradan 0304 5

Beach outside our resort at ko kradan
Ko Kradan 0304 3Ko Kradan 0304 3
Ko Kradan 0304 3

Big nasty Storm in the distance and on route
Ko kradan 0304 4Ko kradan 0304 4
Ko kradan 0304 4

Sunset beach / cove

15th July 2008

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