Ko Mook (2nd April 2008)

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April 2nd 2008
Published: April 5th 2008
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Ko Mook 0204 1Ko Mook 0204 1Ko Mook 0204 1

Emerald cave

Ko Mook (2nd April 2008)

As per normal up early, woken by the wonderful sounds and heat of the jungle. As usual hot and sunny and a day relaxing on the beach i think.

Did the usual stuff, breakfast, cup of tea, let food go down, sit on beach, go for a swim blah blah blah.

Decided we would hire a double kiak today and go to the emerald cave. It was advised we go later in the day when all the tours have left so we have the cave and beach for ourselves. So up until 3pm it was a case of relax, sun it up and eat, drink.

During the day the water had got a bit more choppy (rough), just what we needed for our long kiak to the cave. I was lead to believe that the cave was at the far end of a big rock (small island) out to sea. We were paddlings for nearly 20minutes and the rock we needed to get to just didnt seem to be getting any closer. Fabienne questioned the location of the cave and suggested it may be just around the corner of the rocks on
Ko Mook 0204 2Ko Mook 0204 2Ko Mook 0204 2

Emerald cave
our island (Ko Mook), so we diverted a little and headed tin the direction fabienne suggested. We could see a few tour boats in the near distance, this must be the caves. Good job we didn't listen to me as i think wew would still be paddling out to the rock i though the cave was at or got washed out to sea. When we arrived a the cave all the tour boats were leaving - perfect timing. I was exhausted and i'm sure fabienne was saving herself and energy for the journey back or in case we got into difficulty (lol - just incase you read this, no offence fabienne, im sure you were helping lol). Anyway, we got our tourches and headed into the total darkness of the cave. It was spooky but so cool and exciting to be kiaking through thse dark passage ways. Eventually we saw the light at the end and we popped out in the hidden beach we had all to ourselves with rock walls surroundijng it 360 degrees and the only light coming from the opening about 100mtrs up.

Took some snaps, headed back to the resort. Again i seemed to be sweating like a pido in a playground and fabienne seamed to be very comfortable lol. I bailed out of the kiak 50mtrs or so from shore and raced her back. She shot off like a rocket - She was definitely conserving energy!

That night we ate at the Charlie resort on the beach - posh place! ....there was a fish bbq (all caught fresh that day!) and the food was to die for...but expensive for thailand.

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ko Mookko Mook
ko Mook

Me and my friend (Hermit) who i accidentally stood on, he wasnt too happy as he pinched my toe!
Ko mook 0204 4Ko mook 0204 4
Ko mook 0204 4

Sunset at Ko mook
Ko Mook 0204 5Ko Mook 0204 5
Ko Mook 0204 5

Sunset at Ko Mook
Ko mook 0204 6Ko mook 0204 6
Ko mook 0204 6

Sunset at ko mook
Ko mook 0204 6Ko mook 0204 6
Ko mook 0204 6

Yummy Fish Dinner at beah at Charlie resort - of course swilling it down with a nice cold beer!

5th April 2008

So jealous!!!!
Hey there! Good to read you are getting some work-out!!! Well done, Fabienne! ;-) All pics look amaaazing, especially the sunset ones, wish I could be there with you...
22nd April 2008

Well, at least my sense of orientation was right for once *proud* ;) I must insist that I did help but as Nina said, you needed the exercise!!!

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