Published: March 10th 2008
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The evening after I'd been to Phi Phi I went into town and met up with Dan, Jordan and Richard. Jordan has dubbed us the Lonely club as we're all travelling solo. They'd all had a large night the night before and Dan was nursing a 2 sore arms, 1 because he came off his motorbike while pissed, the other because he'd had a tattoo done. Jordan had only gotten out of bed at 6pm! We had a few drinks in O'Malleys and Richard wanted to go on somewhere. I've been calling him (to myself) the sex tourist because he's a bit seedy like that. I'm not particularly keen on him, he's a bit off with me, I think he thinks I'll cramp his style. Anyway he enticed Jordan to go to a girly bar and Jordan bless him invited me along. I declined. I said I'd meet up with them later in the Luna Bar. Dan was watching football so I went off to the Luna Bar where they were doing buy one get one free Vodka and Red Bulls so I had 4. Then I tuk tuk'd it back to the bungalow.

Felt a bit rough in the morning and really regretted going OTT the night before as it was James Bond Island day. Got picked up at 8.30 and off we went. First stop was Monkey Cave which was very cool. Loads and loads of Monkeys about and they would come right up to you and take food from your hands. Got loads of pictures. Inside the cave was a temple with a reclining Buddha. I really love the Reclining Buddha, it's an image of when Buddha lay down next to a river and then passed to Nirvana. They are just so peaceful looking.

Back in the bus and off to the pier to get the Longtail Boat. We all had our pictures taken walking down the pier and later they were superimposed onto these plate things, they looked like ashtrays to be honest. I'm kicking myself that I didn't get one because I thought it would have been a great present for Paul Cowan lol.

The boat then took us to Panyee, the floating village. It looked cool coming up to it, but to be honest once you were there it was just same same as any other tourist stop. Big restaurants and shops selling shells and sarongs. Food was good though. They had a shark in a cage outside, it wasn't huge but still, I'd hate to bump into him in the sea. Which reminds me, theres a restaurant in town that has a tank outside with crocodile fish. They are these big long fish with long flat noses. Horrible, but even worse I had a dream that they were chasing me the other night.

After Panyee we went to a stop where the canoes took off from. I didn't want to canoe so us left in the boat went round an island a bit and through a cave then back to the floating canoe place to wait for the canoeists. I got some nice pictures and was so glad I got that wide angle lens.

James Bond Island was five minutes away and was really nice. The boats come in the other side so it's not quite as busy as Maya Beach was. Still very busy. Our tour guide took some pics of me in front of Nail Island. I should have done the gun thing like James Bond and Scarramanga but I forgot. I've never seen a James Bond film in my life so the significance was kind of lost on me but it was still a beautiful place to see.

We then got back in the boat and headed off to the pier but not before we sailed through some Mangrove forests and took in what I would probably say is the most spectacular scenery I've ever seen in my life.

By this time I was really knackered and once we got back to the bus I promptly fell asleep only to be awoken when we reached the waterfall. This was amazing, you climbed up about 3 levels and then came to a deep pool where you go and swim. I was feeling like a right Jungle Jane by then. On the way back down something by my feet caught my eye and then I heard someone squeeling behind me. Was a snake. Well at this point Jungle Jane lost all her bravado and turned into Hurry Up and Get Out Of Here Jane. So a shark and a snake in one day. God's two most evil creatures.

Got back to hotel at 6.45 and was really bushed. Decided not to go out and just eat in the hotel restaurant. When I got over there Sam, Joe and Ash from the Phi Phi trip were all there. Joe had been unwell after cutting himself on some coral. So we had some food and a few drinks. Then Sam decided to go out and all my good intentions went out the window. He knocked for me at 10pm but he had really sore sunburned feet and had changed his mind which was really a good thing for me so we went back to the restaurant and had a few beers there. Then we all went back to my bungalow and sat outside chatting for ages. They are all leaving today so we exchanged facebook id's and stuff and hopefully I'll meet up with them when I go back home.

This morning I went to a Thai Cooking School which was brilliant. Learned how to make loads of different Thai Dishes including my favourite Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango. So look out everyone, you'll all be getting invited to a Thai night round my gaff when I get back. There was only 2 of us there, a really nice Canadian girl called Heather so we were able to get try all the dishes and ask loads of questions.

Got dropped off in town and if I'm honest I've been pub crawling it back. It was so hot that I stopped at Luna Bar, then the Happy Beach Bar and I'm now in the Limestone restaurant having a cold Singha and uploading my pics.

Today is my last day in Ao Nang and tomorrow I get the overnight train to Bangkok which I'm really looking forward too. Back to Khao San Road, hit the shops and home on Saturday. 3 weeks is definately not enough time, I'm only just getting into the swing of things.

Will write again from Bangok.

Sawaat Dii Kaa


10th March 2008

I'm jealous....
What a fantastic time you are having. I will definitely be round for a thai dinner! Hows the tan!!! xx

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