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November 27th 2009
Published: April 7th 2017
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When I got to Sukhothai I felt more relieved and I appreciated the peacefulness surrounding this town, after some chaotic time when I was in Bangkok and, after, in Ayutthaya.

I also remember an experience that I like to tell to the people when I am talking about Sukhothai: I was walking in the evening on one of the poorly lit streets of the town and I have seen a dog that was approaching behind me but I did not pay attention to that little hairy ball but, suddenly, it bit me on my right calf and when I turned myself I have seen a shadow only and then nothing more.

It was not a severe wound but I did not expect it. Everything was just fine, at the end.

Back to Sukhothai, it is a lovely and quiet place displaying more than 190 ancient sites spread in the nature of the Sukhothai Historical Park that became also a UNESCO place.

I decided to explore the temples area by bicycle and It was really wonderfull to see all these temples, ponds, trees, and those trails, leading from one marvellous ancient site to another one.

The Grand Buddha sculptures were probably one of the best I have seen in Thailand. My favourite was the Phra Achana Buddha at Wat Si Chum. The details and fine carvings are just beautiful.

It is one of the few places in Thailand that I most enjoyed with its lovely people and the tranquillity I found. For these reasons, I think it is a must see place in Thailand.

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