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December 7th 2009
Published: May 16th 2016
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While travelling through Thailand,I heard by many travellers that a trip along the Mekong river was a must. So once I have arrived nearby that location, in Chiang Mai, I looked for an agency to help me obtaining a visa to cross the border to enter Laos. I spent a couple of days in Chiang Mai visiting the city and his innumerable Buddhist temples which are scattered throughout the city.

On the departure day, we set off at, probably, ten o'clock with a minivan picking up all the tourists around the town and heading to Chiang Rai which was the location of the departure.

I started, already, to talk and meet nice people on the way to the Mekong river. The ambiance was really cool and the curiosity to see what this unique trip looked like.

Arrived at the site, I remember crowds of people ready to embark on the boat and terribly hot. We walked almost all the way till the end of the boat, that was already packed up with people, to take hold of a sit. Wooden benches though,so the immediate feeling was that, I wished I had a nice and soft pillow under the bottom line, but that was the deal and that is it.

after a while, the boat started to move and finally leaving the terminal. From then on , I began to chat with some fellow travellers and make friends. Since that ,yet, a long time has passed I do not remember all the people of, let's say, my group freshly but in particular a cool guy from Spain, Ivan,a woman from US, Sara and a bunch of British travellers I guess. The ambiance was tremendous and being my first trip, of this kind, on a wooden boat with my ass that was already like a square, also singular. Well, a lot of positive things meandering along this enchanting river making its way through the forest of this utterly awesome place,just speechless.

The boat made its way through the course with difficulty, due to some rafting at times, but with no issues at the end. Every stretch of the river was a sight to admire: people living on the banks of the river saluting you and smiling, plenty of flora and fauna, striking rock formations, stunning sunset and that scent that is only present in these kind of places.

At times the beauty and purity of certain places and experiences are just indescribable and must be experienced because even explaing them, as many times happen, to people are difficult to intend and absorb.

I have been travelling in many places but this one is one of them that someone must visit once in a lifetime.

Images with people that are happy with basically nothing and only rice and water are just striking and remain seared in my memory.

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