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May 27th 2009
Published: May 27th 2009
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So we are now in Sukhothai today we spent the day at the Sukhothai Historical park which has ruins from the 13th and 14th centuries it contains 193 ruins over 70 square kilometers! It has 26 temples! Although we saw only 6 of them! So we started of the day waking up a bit late of course and heading of once again in the peak heat, we had to catch this ghetto bus that took us to the old city, once there we rented bicycles for the day ( 60 cents each! ) First we started a little of route because Thai maps are stupidly confusing and out of scale, by the time we had finally made it to where we wanted to be we were drenched and had to take a break in the shade. ( it was about 32 degrees but with like 80% humidity!!!!!!!! ) Anyways blah blah we went around the different ruins ( becomes a little monotonous after a couple hours!) and then we made our way back to the bungalow. ( which I think is gonna detach and fly/float away in the massive storm happening outside at this time) In the bungalow guess what I saw climbing up the wall? Yes yes massive spider number 2! Luckily I actually managed to catch this one and even get a picture to show you all =) (clap clap) Steve was of no help in the situation throwing the bin so i could catch the spider and then closing the door on me once i had taken the spider outside! But i guess he did lend his camera so I could take the picture!
Anyways that's it for today!
Hopefully we will survive the storm!

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28th May 2009

OK -- so how big is this spider really? From the picture it could be huge or tiny... Looks pretty nasty though.
29th May 2009

Glad ur uploading some pictures for us to see. Looks lurvely. I could do with some hot humidity right about now, it beats the cold rain. I'm so happy u took a picture of the beautiful spider for us, it's looks really nice and cute, i hope its ok... my lame attempt at sarcasm, its late here, need to sleepy. Miss u lots xxxxxxxxxxxx

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