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January 30th 2010
Published: February 5th 2010
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Just a short entry describing our night out in Chiang Mai. We had all recently finished our jungle trek that afternoon and decided we'd go out that evening. During the afternoon I went to a local market and just reorganized my pack. Then the English boys and myself went downstairs in our guesthouse and had some beer. Zlatko joined us here as well. We were supposed to meet up with the others at around half passed nine so we left a little earlier and walked towards the old quarter and attempted to find this place called rooftop bar. After a while it was blatantly obvious that we were lost, and we asked several tuk-tuk drivers for directions, most seemed to be either lost or unwilling to help. We eventually hired a tuk-tuk to get us there, we had been walking the wrong direction. We met the others there and then drank and socialized as well as meeting others hanging out. After a while I did get tipsy, and the swedes were slurring as well. Somehow I remember making a small fire with the use of napkins and a cup right in the bar.

After this I left with the girls and some other people they met and we made our way to this club blaring Thai music. None of us liked this too much and soon departed and headed back to our initial bar. We ended up leaving when the place closed and ended up at this other more quaint club. Some hot Thai chick started dancing around Karl and he in turn began doing this weird robot-like dance. She backed away in disgust. A big problem I have is when I drink too much I get very sleepy, so I went outside and took a nap on the pavement until I was awakened by Jade who was trying to put my shirt back on. Apparently I had taken it off to use as a pillow.

Dave was getting tired as well so we decided to jet from there and head back. Everyone else stuck around as far as I know. We walked for a while before realizing we had no idea where we were or what the street name of the place we were on was called. So instead we decided to eat at some local thai place. I remember eating some weird meaty thing. We continued on and tried pulling over any tuk-tuk that seldom passed by at this hour. For some reason we kept haggling with them about price even though they knew where to go while we hadn't a clue. Eventually we did get one about an hour later and made it back.

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