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January 21st 2010
Published: January 27th 2010
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Woke up at 8.30 to the sounds of the lads next door getting in from their night out. Yesterday one of El's bikini's had gone missing, so I marched out (still a bit tipsy from the night before) and stuck a grumpy face out to speak to them. They promissed they hadn't taken it, then one of them kept knocking until we agreed to go for a drink with them... so at 8.30 we slung on some clothes and went out in last nights make up.
The Scouser was called Mark, the Welsh lad called Tom and Alex was French Canadian. No bars were open so we picked up some take outs from a shop nearby. El has wanted another tattoo ever since we arrived in Thailand, and since it was our last day (or supposed to be!) we went in search for a good Tattoo-ist. On the way we stopped for a game of pool and they told us about their 3 day Trek in the jungle. They'd got stoned one night round a campfire with the locals, who gave them a massive bag of weed for 200THB (about 4quid!) and Alex had played the guitar for everyone. They didn't have any torches so had used a strobe light to light the way to the loo. That had sent them a bit green.
The first tattoo parlour we found was no good. His drawings weren't great and it didn't look very clean. The 5 of us jumped back in to some Tuk Tuks (I was in the second one and dramatically demanded the driver "follow that Tuk Tuk") and arrived shortly after at the second place which was soooo much better. We spent what seemed like hours choosing one for Ellie and two for Mark. Alex was starting to feel the effects from the night before so headed home, while Tom and Mark decided they'd have to give up on their flight to Bangkok since Marks tattoo's were taking forever. After the Tat's were finished and both Mark & El were wrapped up in Cling Film, we went to Lai Thai to use the pool. Was far too cold so didn't stay long and headed to Art cafe intead for lunch. Ellie gave an interesting speach, comparing different men to the Sponge, Custard and Jelly in a Triffle. Then she told us she didn't like Triffle. She also said her Chocolate Milkshake looked like someone's post mortem.
Stopped by at a Fortune Teller stall on the street so El and Tom could get their cards read - he said the same thing to both of them. Me & El crashed for a few hours, then got a McDonald's for dinner. Stopped by the lads room on the way back and they persuaded us to go out again. They took aaaages to get ready!
They took us to Rooftop bar. You have to climb loads of ladders, and pass rooms full of florescent paintings & graffiti to get to the top floor which is a massive open air balcony. It was totally ace. Everyone sat on cushions around low tables and I started on the cocktails. Bumped in to Mr Opium from last night and invited him over to join us. He's great fun. He told us about how The Church of England are really Nazi's... and that the CIA actually caused the Tsunami using a machine called Harrp that can land a drop of water on sixpence anywhere in the world. He believes the word Imagination stands for "I Magic Nation" (meaning I am part of a magic nation) and went on to explain that Aliens are our cousins from a separate Nation and they're planning to land on The White House lawn in 2 years time. NASA know about this and have been trying to track them for years. His final funny statement of the night was how he witnessed President Kennedy get shot and that it was his driver who did it - he saw the driver look over his shoulder afterwards to see if anyone had spotted him. Excellent!
Walked to the Rock bar and had a few drinks in there with Tom, Mark, Mr Opium and his mate with the Dreads. And our final stop was to the bar called Zoe in Yellow which was playing some brilliant tunes. Mark chatted up a Ladyboy for a laugh before we headed home at 5am via Burger King. The amount of junk food I've eaten the last 2 days is ridiculous!!!

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