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January 20th 2010
Published: January 25th 2010
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Wandered to find somewhere for breakfast and came across Art Cafe, an International place specialising in French, Mexican and Italian. We both said how gutted we were that it was our last full day and night in Thailand, but we planned to make it a good one by having a few drinks to my Dad who passed away 2 years ago today. Ellie treated me to a lovely breakfast - we had fresh strawberry juice, a croissant with homemade jam and somethng called Big Bowl Florentine (scrambled egg, spinach, shredded bacon, chopped tomatoes and mozzerella cheese slung in to a bowl on top of cottage potatoes). Yum!
Nipped in a book shop, (El's flying through books like you wouldn't believe, think she's on her 7th now), then found a hotel called Lai Thai where you can pay 100THB to use their pool. Sunbathed for a few hours, the pool was freezing which was nice now and again. El chatted to some Canadian's who told us they've eaten bugs in Cambodia, apparently they taste like popcorn!
We passed a Dr Fish place where they do those Fish Foot massages that we'd thought were for strange people. We'd met a lady yesterday who raved about them and said it didn't feel wierd at all. El was feeling brave so went for it. The first few minutes she squeeled a bit, but she soon got used to it. I went to blog in an internet cafe for a while. El bought me a Starbucks fruit shake and a Caramel Waaaaaffle to cheer me up. Then we got ready (made an effort tonight and decided to wear my new Maxi dress) then jumped in to a Tuk Tuk (not the easiest or most elegant option for this outfit) and went to Riverside restaurant.
Had a few wines.
El got all philosophical about the Moon.
She said that becasue we live in England, we would usually see a different part of it to what people in Thailand see. Well, we hadn't had a drink in 9 or 10 days so I guess it went straight to her head. An old guy from Holland who was sat with 3 friends decided to join us, he was quite nice but really drunk and bored on after a while. We both had really nice steak - fancied a change tonight. Got in a Tuk Tuk to Spicy (the local club) but it wasn't open so we asked two English guys where they thought we should head. They spoke really posh and we had a really intelligent conversation with them, was interesting, but couldn't spend longer than 15 mins with them. They reccommended somewhere to go, but by the time we got down the road and flagged a Tuk Tuk we'd forgotten the name. We were in fits of giggles and waved the driver on.
Popped in to a place playing the loudest music on the street. There was a dog in a red jumper sat on the bar looking adoringly at her owner. She'd been taught to stand on her back legs and beg when people say Sawadee ka (hello in Thai). Really cute. Then met a guy who looked like Buzz Lightyear.
Walked down the road and saw (litterally) a sign from my Dad.... it was a signpost for a Bar called 'Zoe in Yellow'. Guess what colour I was wearing??!!!
Went in a Rock band with a live band blaring 'Sex is on Fire'. El was fixated with a guy with Dreads playing pool. She joined in his game while I chatted to a girl from Oldham, loved her accent!
I ended up having a fantastic chat with a guy who'd spent too many years on drugs. He told me he was a DJ, and was really good friends with Paul Oakenfold and Paul Van Dyke. He used to work for a really good company but found out the world is gonna end in 2012 so gave up his job and moved to Thailand. They still owe him 6-figures. He told me I should go in to the jungle and find the "Sharman, that holds the key to life itself". The Sharman also has a licence to sell Opium. And if I ever feel weighed down by evil spirits, I should point my arms out so they fall off my shoulders - this is why churches have pointed roofs! He knows all of this becasue he has a Spirit Guide who only tells him the truth.
He absolutly made my night!!
Stopped for a Daquari in the Reggae bar across the road; danced to Flo Rida's 'Low' in Zoe in Yellow, then got a Tuk Tuk back to Spicy which was pretty busy. Some strange man kept following us round the club "accidentally" taking photos of us. Danced for an hour or so then headed to McDonalds on the way home.

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27th January 2010

You look amazing in that dress Zo - good purchase!!! xxxx

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