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July 4th 2008
Published: July 4th 2008
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So we woke up today on Jo's bday both not feeling very well at all! Had a bit of a bad head (i suspect the alcohol a little bit) but had really bad stomachs, possibly from all the disgusting river water we drank. So we really didnt feel up to doing much. We had a full day of thai cookery booked though so we headed off. Firstly they took us to a market to buy our produce. This was possibly the worst idea ever!!! The market was hurrendous, it absolutely stunk of wet dog and off fish. I really struggled to keep from vomiting as did Jo. The little thai woman, named "Meow, like the cat, meow, meow" lol who was really bizarre showed us about making us take in all these horrible smells and telling us all about the produce. There were flies everywhere, all over the food, cats walking around the tables, it was just terrible. Jo started to feel really unwell by now and felt really faint before actually fainting on to me. The thai people were really good they rushed over, one woman brought a seat another brought over this smelly thing that Jo smelt then rubbed on her temples and another woman brought a fan over. They were really nice but we felt terrible so we headed back to the hotel.

We were disappointed that we couldn't do the cooking but we just both felt really ill so we took a nap for a few hours and chilled. We felt a lot better when we woke up and had a shower. We came out at about 7 and gave ourselves a little tour of the local Buddah temple which was so well decorated and very elaborate. We were meeting up with Claire again at 8 so we nipped to the internet cafe quickly then went back to Mad Dog for some lovely food! We had a nice chat with Claire but she had to get back to see how briany was because she wasn't feeling too good either. Me and Jo went for a look round the night bazaar which is a really big night market selling lots of different goods. I knew this would cheer Jo up! So we bought a few daft little things and are now trying to upload some photo's on to facebook!

Jo is really missing everyone on her birthday she was a bit sad earlier, especially because she wasn't well but she has cheered up now and i think she has enjoyed her day in the end.

Missing everyone loads and hope everyone is ok. Love Glen and Jo x x x


6th July 2008

Hey you guys!!
Hey you two!!! Sounds like you're having quite an adventure! You'll have to do it all again next year with me and weet! Haha. But we really do hope you're enjoying yourselves and making the most of it. Missing ya's and looking forward to your next blog entry :-) love em and pete x x x p.s. Just incase you didn't know...IM SOOOO JEALOUS YOU'VE RIDDEN AN ELEPHANT!!! x x x

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