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July 8th 2008
Published: July 8th 2008
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Hi all, just a quick update from the last few days, it's not been quite as action packed as the North, the South is a lot more chilled and most of the activities revolve around the gorgeous beaches and scenery. The flights to Phuket were short and sweet. I slept (of course, much to glen's growing annoyance :-\ ) and we arrived in Phuket about 4. Our hotel, despite being cheap was lovely, and such a big difference from the tiny crappy room without proper windows from Chiang Mai! We quickly changed and then headed down to check out the beaches, which were about a minute walk from our place. We were absolutely stunned by how beautiful they were and how happy we were to be in the sun and sea! :-D We grabbed a late lunch in a cute beach bar and watched the amazing sunset (well, I did, half way through eating we realised we hadnt got our money, so glen the little star trekked back to our hotel to get it :-s)
In the evening we walked out along the beach front promenade and came across ''rock city''- the Thai answer to Hard Rock Cafe. There was live music, cocktails and the most amazing steaks for five pounds each- melt in your mouth, absolutely gorgeous- followed by deep fried mars bar, something to which glen and I developed a small obsession with. (emma- you'd LOVE them!)
The following day, we hit the beach after an accidental lie in which was actually much needed. The weather was gorgeous and a little Thai man who we bought our sun beds off catered to our every needs- rushing over to offer assistance as soon as we got up! The sea was awesome, so warm you could stay in for hours. The sea was a bit more choppy so we spent the afternoon body surfing the waves which particularly excited glen who managed to catch them right to the shore before crashing back into the sea for the next one with a massive grin on his face!
We went out again that night to another cute restaurant where again we ate like kings (if we thought we'd lose weight in Thailand we were sorely wrong!)

From Phuket we caught the ferry across to Phi Phi. Mum, you would have had a cow when u saw the ferry- it definitely wasnt the nice shiny new white one from the brochure, but dont worry, we did a ''full safety check'' and arrived in one piece! Phi Phi is lovely, the island is small and you can walk around the little town in about 15 mins. We checked into a hotel, a little more expensive than before as we didnt have much choice, but the room is amazing and we adore our little bit of luxury! :-D
After a quick change and shower we headed out for food. not having had lunch we were both starving and so went to one of the first restaurants we saw. As we'd been so lucky with the steaks so far we decided to treat ourselves and ordered two rare tenderloin steaks with bernaise sauce. We were practically drooling as they brought our food over.... put it in front of us.... and... oh... wait... this is a stringy PORK CHOP. The waiter hurried away as we prodded the pork, glen's face a picture. ''This is pork'' he decided, cutting the blatently white, thin, tough meat and i agreed. We asked the waiter why he'd completely ignored our order and he spent the next five minutes trying to convince us that the pork was a rare beef fillet steak. His main argument consisted of pointing to beef on the menu and then pointing to our food. He eventually took our plates, picked up the meat with his hands and passed it to another person who waved it in the cooks face. The verdict: we had steak. hmm. after trying the ''pork steak'' (the end that hadnt been handled by 3 thais) and chewing one mouthful for 7/8 mins, we gave up, ate the jacket potatoes and went away hungry!
The night only got worse when we accidentally ordered the only long drink on a menu that wasnt on the special offer list and they charged us 3 quid for each, as opposed to the 60p for the special offers. We decided things werent going our way, so went for a walk on the beach, bought beers and lychee bacardi breezers and went to the safety of our hotel veranda. intrepid explorers we are.
The night brought rain and today the air is very thick and heavy so we're catching up with laundry, postcard writing and hopefully a massage :-) Tomorrow we're gonna try get a boat round to one of the protected beaches where there's no buildings etc, Maya bay. It looks picturesque so weather permitting we'l get to see that.
Anyway, hope everyone's well, we're missing everyone but having such a good time here.
lots of love from us both xxxxxxxxxxx


9th July 2008

Hey hey again!
Hey you two! No latest chapter to the book today hey? That's ok, hopefully its cos you've been too busy chilling and site seeing :-D. And altho im not too sure about the fried mars bar i'd definately give it a try (you know me...anything with chocolate in it! Haha) Ok i'll keep it short...Love ya's! Bye for now, emzy x x x

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