My Parent’s First Burger and Live Music at the Hard Rock Café

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January 29th 2020
Published: January 29th 2020
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Archie and I just got back from our Cambodian trip. We had a wonderful time with Archie’s family. After a few days, my parents called to inform us that they would like to come and visit us at our home in Chiang Mai. I was so excited to see them and wanted to make them try new things this time. It was challenging to think about things to amaze my parents. And you know wasn’t that hard since I know how much my family and I love food so I started searching for best restaurants and bars in Chiang Mai to take them to upon arrival. Our main concern was finding a café that offered tasty food and great music, without appearing to be too loud, especially taking into account my parent’s advanced age. Eventually, we settled on taking them to the Chiang Mai’s Hard Rock Café.

The following is an account of what transpired during our dinner:

The Best Burger in Chiang Mai

You better believe it when I say that the Hard Rock serves the best burger in Chiang Mai. The first thing that caught our eyes when the menu was brought is the broad selection of its legendary steak burgers. The menu even goes ahead to state that all its steakburgers get served with seasoned fries and freshly toasted buns!

I decided to take a closer look at the menu and noticed that we had the option of substituting seasoned fries with smoked bacon and Cheese Fries or the in-house Fresh Beet Side Salad. I immediately realized that we had come to the right café.

After a careful look at the menu, we all decided to make our orders. They were as follows:

I was first to go and opted for the BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger. This comprised of a half-lb freshly steaked burger that had been seared and seasons using a signature combination of spices. It was then topped up with crispy shoestring onions, in-house barbeque sauce, vine-ripped tomatoes, cheddar cheese, leaf lettuce, and smoked bacon.

Archie and Papa both opted for the Double Decker Cheeseburger. Our waiter was quick to point out that this burger was a special tribute to their 1971 Down Home Down Burger. It comprised of a full-lb and 2 fully stacked burgers topped with red onion, American cheese, vine-ripened tomato, leaf lettuce, and mayonnaise.

As we had been making our orders, my mum had taken her time to check out all the offerings available. She finally made her order known, and went with The Impossible Burger. It was a burger comprising of a hundred per cent plant-based vegan patty. It then came topped with a crispy onion ring and cheddar cheese. The Impossible Burger was served with vine-ripened tomato and leaf-lettuce.

Local Live Music for Everyone

Apart from the broad menu selection, the music being played at the Hard Rock Café was nothing short of excellent.

The one thing that stood out for us was that it was neither too loud nor was it raunchy. It was timeless music that people of all ages and generations could listen to without feeling bothered about the lyrics or getting bored by the performance of the band.

It’s music that families can easily listen to with their children and get to enjoy a good time.

Where is the Hard Rock Café?

When all is said and done, we had a great time at the Hard Rock Café. Located smack at the center of the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, this is a café that is ideal for families looking to a fun night together. We had fun and wanted to come back very soon!


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