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November 15th 2010
Published: November 15th 2010
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Following our fanatstic time in Bangkok, we were soon back in Pattaya and embarked on what I can only describe as a week of indulging in the seven deadly sins!

Suffice to say there isn't much to say about the day time in Pattaya for the 5 days we spent here before Koh Samui. It consisted of catching up on sleep, watching dvd's, taking a few walks around the area and generally enjoying being able to relax. On one day when the sun was shining, we took a walk to the main beach in central Pattaya. Walking along the 'promenade' we were greeted with a mix of people trying to sell us things, prostitutes and disgusting, old western men with Thai women on their arm that looked like they should still be in college. The Thai people call these western men "Old Man Snake Head", where Rach and I took to calling them "Dirty Old Men". It's a lively city, with plenty of Western influence and despite its well earned reputation, there are some respectable areas, lovely restaurants, bars and first class shopping centres.

We spent most of the evenings going for lovely, authentic Thai meals. Thanks to Dad and his colleagues here, we now know of many affordable restaurants in Pattaya, with great food and good atmosphere and this helped us to enjoy some delicious Penaeng (Red Curry containing spices, coconut milk and holy basil), kaeng khiao wan (green curry using spices, coconut milk, basil and kaffir lime leaves) and Pad Krapow (spicy Thai stiry fry with Basil and normally chicken). When I come back looking pregnant, don't panic, it's not some wacky biological experiment, I will just be fat!
Look CarefullyLook CarefullyLook Carefully

At what you can and cant do in theis taxi. It sums Pattaya up!

On one particular evening when we were feeling adventurous, we decided to embark on a trip to the infamous Walking Street in Pattaya. It is a pedestrianised street lined with bars, clubs and go-go bars. After a nice meal at the New Orleans Cafe, we went along Walking Street, which was heaving with Eastern European tourists, lady boys on the prowl and promotion girls trying to entice us into every go go bar along the way. We resisted the temptation initially and spent a little bit of time in a couple of bars. Walking back down towards where we could catch a taxi from, we decided to take the plunge and see what these go-go bars were all about. We were shocked! It was just a production line of completely naked women (or ladyboys) robotically dancing looking pretty unhappy to be there! Now, through extensive research and interviews (I interviewed my brother Mikey) I have discovered that this is nothing like strip clubs in England. Those clubs have strippers in lingerie who do not reveal anything more than that until they are paid for a private dance in a seperate room. These Thai strippers were just letting it all hang out in the most unlady(boy)like way! Rachel seems to have an unusual fascination with ladyboys and has since we have been in Pattaya researched them on Google and I think this visit sated her appetite for learning and answered some questions that Google couldn't! The evening ended with a rather drunk Rach being escorted home by her responsible husband before waking up the next day with a hangover from hell which consigned us to yet another lazy day! Not that I minded of course!

On Sunday 31st October we packed up again and made our way to the airport for our flight to Koh Samui and two weeks in a tropical paradise. I'll get the next blog up when I can and it will have details of our flight on a glorified paper aeroplane, typhoon storms, floods, power cuts, the Blooms, and more

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15th November 2010

Congratulations again! :) This blog has made it into the Featured Blogs section of the Front Page. All your future blogs which fulfill whichever are the current Featured Blogs requirements when you publish will be Featured Blogs.
15th November 2010
Look Carefully

Very telling indeed! Nice observation.
15th November 2010

woowww ... rally pleased to read the post... actually, it make me nostalgic... The ladyboy, the bar and the foods are really enjoyable. Hope to go aging there. ....

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