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9th June 2014
Names of the men who died on the Arizona

I think I saw a man's name on the wall there in Hawaii, his last name was Fortenberry could you give me the entire name...My grandma was a Fortenberry
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13th April 2012

The lovely frenchies :-)
Sounds like a great family event :-) and Mrs Cain looked quite lovely, your a lucky boy (although we although know rachie is the lucky one really!!) need more pictures of the bride though want to see what Noemie looked like I'm sure beautiful, but loving the champagne fountain and Franglais. xxxx
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13th April 2012
Rachel Looking Good!

Stu, The best thing about this post are the pictures of Rachel. I can see why you have better things to do than go Tottenham..........................
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13th April 2012

"I am not sure who thought it was a good idea to let the Arabic side of the family get their hands on rockets!! HAHAHAHHAHHA that's so funny stu' !" You're OK with our favorite racist joke, that's great ! Gros bisous les british, à dans 1 mois.
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21st March 2012
Banana Leaf Bowl

how do you do it?
i am nicholas a student in Malaysia and i am currently joining a culinary competition. This is a really beautiful bowl and i hope that you can pls show me the procedure in making this bowl so that i can use it as a decoration for my culinary competition. Thx a lot for your time.
2nd March 2012

I enjoyed reading your blog
I really enjoy with your blog. Congratulations!
26th May 2011

Loved the blog!
Great fun. Loved your stories. I'll bet your heart stopped when the nearly empty container of crisp went flying. Sorry....but I was very busy laughing. Good stuff. Keep blogging...even without photos.
24th May 2011

Nikki & I have been to Dans le noir a couple of times. We took two of our friends there & set them up on a blind date. It was hilarious seeing their faces the first time they saw each other.
2nd May 2011
Wow!! This villa is just like my dream. These are really cool pictures I am also planning to visit here with my wife. I am sure she will enjoyed she like this place very much.
29th March 2011
Fantastic photos! The elephant ride looks incredible!
28th March 2011

how lovely and wonderful to have 6 months of honeymoon. Ours was barely 6 days! Warm wishes to the both of you. Liked this blog a lot, I've always wanted to see those flying lanterns.
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28th March 2011

Warmest wishes...
to the both of you for your 'honeymoon'. Our is due to end in another 6 weeks or so after travelling for near enough 8 months. It's a great learning curve for couples as you take the rough with the smooth and that it has ended on a high (literally!). We have no doubt the pair of you will travel again knowing all the wiser how to make it work. Good for yous x
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28th March 2011

Singing chicken, Pattaya
Hi Stu N Rach Sorry to disappoint, but your favourite restaurant in Thailand is no more!! When I returned here in late Feb, there were only 4 walls standing!! No roof, windows, door, inside decoration!! They have gone out of business - must have been the singer putting all the customers off!!!
30th December 2010

Thanks for sharing. ;) It's always interesting to know more about the tourist trade in a place. I love Hawai'i and I hope to visit again. The only tour I plan to do is the movie tour but it's really expensive so let's see... Mirabelle
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19th November 2010

Hi Stu and Rach, wow what a storm, I can't believe you have been away so long, seems just 5 minutes ago when you left for your fanastic trip - and after all the blogs, pics etc. what a trip it has been for both of you. Anyway football - the Mighty Stoke are now up to 10th after a fabulous victory over Liverpool last weekend. Not playing poker too much at the minute as work is very hectic and I save my weekends for chilling out. Have a fantastic last few weeks, see you both soon, love Joobags x x
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16th November 2010
Fish Massage

lol Nikki & I had a go at this too whilst in Emei, feels weird doesn't it.
15th November 2010

woowww ... rally pleased to read the post... actually, it make me nostalgic... The ladyboy, the bar and the foods are really enjoyable. Hope to go aging there. ....
15th November 2010
Look Carefully

Very telling indeed! Nice observation.
15th November 2010

Congratulations again! :) This blog has made it into the Featured Blogs section of the Front Page. All your future blogs which fulfill whichever are the current Featured Blogs requirements when you publish will be Featured Blogs.
13th November 2010

"her nature meets hygeine fusion meal of Club Sandwich with pubic hair and live insect" poetic :) thanks for the memory lane laugh...ahh Bangkok
12th November 2010
Colourful at the Chatuchak Market
5th November 2010

Find me on skye not sure what your name on there to leave you a message mine is i'm hollie.bloom, all home safe and sound got my postcard which made me laugh ;-) Looking forward to the next blog stuie hope your having a nice time see you soon 'cainies' xxxxxx
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1st November 2010

Yeah, you might want to remind Rachel that if you plan on travelling by motorbike it's usually better to wear something othe than a short skirt. Just a reminder ;-D
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1st November 2010

Maybe next time you write your blog you won't be so graphic son-I feel quite queezy!!!!!
From Blog: Suits You Sir!
1st November 2010

Some great pictures on this blog....really makes me want to dig out the ol' trusty rucksack.......
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