Photos from Bangkok, Central Thailand, Thailand, Asia - page 8

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Bullet holes
Operation Clean-up Apparatus
Translates roughly as 'This is all Taksin's Fault'
Even the policeman
Everybody wants a look...
Still smoking
More unbroken windows
Three issues of the Voice of Taksin
The shop for the Taksin magazine
The Hua Hin Red Shirts
The head of a deity survived the fire intact
The Anthong Red Shirts
Someone left his livelihood behind
Soldiers march past miles of makeshift shelters
Soldier inspects his loot in front of one of the huge cinema screens
Sign of the non-violent majority
Where is the king?
Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva
Pharmacy untouched
One of the many rows of portapotties
One of the many camp nurseries
Monk robes hang drying on stone elephants
Looking in to the temporary temple
Huge speaker towers in front of the burnt out ruin
Firefighters walk past the smouldering ruins of Central World
Field Hospital
The Plaza doors, just feet from the red shirt camp, remain undamaged
A woman looks into the abandoned Red Shirt camp
A local rides past a burnt out truck
A kitchen sits abandoned
Shopping time
A typical attitude by the upper crust of Bangkok to the Red Shirts
Please don't take my photo
Returning to the ether
Looking towards Asoke station, which is hidden by the smoke
Setting the barricade alight
Now a fire worshipper?
Can I get past please?
Black shirt without a shirt?
A scooter makes his way around the burning barricade
Courtyard front at Rambuttri Village
The general and his troops
You gotta love some of the Red Shirts
Guarding a flower garden
Nice to be popular
Locals dress up in red and join in the festivities
Construction workers take time off to welcome the Red Shirts
Soldier watches from behind razor ribbon
It was a festival atmosphere, but the message was clear
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