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May 29th 2008
Published: June 21st 2017
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Kun!  My fearless travel agent at the Green House!Kun!  My fearless travel agent at the Green House!Kun! My fearless travel agent at the Green House!

If you need a ticket for anything or advice, I can't reccomend anyone better than Kun at the GreenHouse. She got me discoutn after discount, and always gave great advice!
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Today I leave Bangkok..again. And I'll be back here..again. Bangkok is really the man hub for SE Asia, from it's airport you can easily go most anywhere in the world. So, on this outing I'm taking the overnight train up to a town called Chiang Mai. It's supposed to be a really great, chill, old village in the foothills of the Himalayas. Nice place to get some much needed R&R after Cambodia. I've spent the past couple of days getting ready for the move up there. I've gotten my laundry done, refilled the balance on my Mobile SIM card, just in case I can't do it up there, and went to the ATM. I'm not sure how rural this place is, so want to get all my necessities in order before I depart.

I've heard from other traveler's that Chiang Mai is a great base to see most of Norther Thailand. There are elephant sanctuaries, tiger safaris, remote ethnic hill tribes, jungles, and the Laos and Myanmar (Burmese) borders. I might take a trip into Myanmar or Laos, it's an option from Chiang Mai. Not sure what I'll feel like, but it's good to know my options.

Thailand grants US
ID anyone?ID anyone?ID anyone?

Just one of the millions of counterfeit and black market things you can get in Bangkok are IDs. I myself picked up four new International Student IDs (ISID cards), good for the next four school years. Can you say discount train tickets, hotel rooms, flights and museum entrance fees anyone? And with my unavoidable and ever evolving bohemian road traveler look, I might even pass for a student too. =)
residents a 30 day visa upon arrival. I got my first 30 day visa when I crossed the southern border by van, a million years ago it seems. When I left Thailand for Cambodia, I was one day over that 30 day allowance, but the good news is when I came back from Cambodia I was issued another 30 day visa. I'm not sure how long I'll stay in Chiang Mai, but I've heard from more than one traveler that this is a town it's really easy to settle into and not leave. I hope it envelops me that way for a bit!

Here are some random pictures I've taken in Bangkok that really didn't fit into any of the other entries. =) As always, thanks for joining me!

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Postcard of Kho San RoadPostcard of Kho San Road
Postcard of Kho San Road

I stayed one block away from this backpacker ghetto as it's called. Its a long street filled with cheap wares, cheap bars, and cheap locals. Great for getting supplies, though I woudn't want to sleep here.

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