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May 10th 2008
Published: June 21st 2017
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Pre-Show entertainment 1Pre-Show entertainment 1Pre-Show entertainment 1 Calypso Caberet
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Can't come to Bangkok and not see a lady boy* show right? The travel agent's office in my guest house recommended this one, and even got me half off the ticket, and it was so great. Better than I had expected it to be. I've been to my share of transgender lip-sync shows, but the caliber of this one was really the tops. The cast was huge, and the costume changes were so frequent it made your head spin! The dancing was really great and so professional these ladies deserved the big Bangkok spotlight. (No knocking the homegrown Lady Boy show I say on Koh Phi Phi Island, but this is thriving metropolis of Bangkok and this show reflected it.) Here's the shows website. I'd totally recommend it.

*Just to explain the lady-boy thing. It's really generic compared to the nomenclature we use in The States. It's sort of an umbrella term that Thai's use to define anyone from a cross-dresser, to pre-op or post-op transsexuals (and all the gray areas in between those) to the full-on transsexuals. Some of the lady-boys in the show had obviously had top surgery, and some not; some had had bottom surgery (or were really good at hiding it), and many even had the facial feminization surgery (adams apple, forehead, lips etc. - I'm sorry but no one is that naturally feminine and beautiful without some help. We wish though, right?)

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The Chinese Ballad 1The Chinese Ballad 1
The Chinese Ballad 1

There were so many ladies on the stage, that some were just hanging out on the sides.
Thailand Historical Dance 1Thailand Historical Dance 1
Thailand Historical Dance 1

The older wiser lady taking on the young new beauty in the village who'se trying to take her place.
Korean Arirang Dance 1Korean Arirang Dance 1
Korean Arirang Dance 1

You've seen this one before, it's an old standard. Nine young ladies all dancing in unison, making cool geometric patterns with their bodies and their fans.

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