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April 2nd 2012
Published: April 4th 2012
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Today was our last day in Thailand, and it happened to be my birthday as well. The family woke me up with a birthday song, and after breakfast we all had cocoa and birthday cake. I must have been very nice this year, because the sun was out and the temperature was over 30 degrees. Can’t say I’m surprised 😉

Since it was our last day, we had to check out of the hotel rooms at 12 o’clock. And as our flight wasn’t until 1.20 am so we had a lot of time to kill. The first half of the day was spent packing, changing into our bathing suits and chilling by the pool. Last day to tan and enjoy the water. Kaja, Kia, and Mom also found time to get a haircut, and Kaja and Kia had their hair braided.

Around 3 pm we went to Bangkok, leaving our luggage at the hotel. We had some loose plans of going on a boat ride on the canals, and Kasper and I had secretly decided to pay for the family to go to the top of Baiyoke Sky Hotel – Thailand’s tallest hotel.

The boat ride turned out to be an expensive and long affair, so instead we caught a ride with the local canal bus, which was just as fun. At that point the sun was setting and it was a totally different experience to sail through Bangkok in the evening than walk through it during the day.

After the boat ride, we flagged down two tuk tuks – oddly enough different-looking from the ones we rode in Phuket – and asked the drivers to drop us off at the hotel. The drive was like staring Death straight in the eyes and hoping he would lash back at you, at least in the tuk tuk Kasper, Katja, Kaja, and myself were in. The driver was young and apparently feeling invincible, as if his tuk tuk was armored or something. It wasn’t, and 80 km/h down the bumpy and busy streets of Bangkok was quite the adrenaline rush.

But we all made it in one piece to the hotel, which turned out to be another stare-down with Death. 84 floors, the top of the hotel was so high up you could feel the building swaying in the wind. And it wasn’t like a bamboo hut, it was steel and concrete and thick glass. What an experience! We had drinks in the bar on the 83rd floor, and went out on the revolving deck on the 84th floor to get a 360 of Bangkok at night. A beautiful sight (the photos didn’t capture it completely).

After enjoying the view, Kasper and Mom went back to the hotel to get our luggage, while the rest of us went to the airport.

A 10 hour flight and we’re back home in cold Denmark.

All in all a wonderful vacation! Lots of fun, experiences, and sun, all in great company.

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Last time at the poolLast time at the pool
Last time at the pool

Dad even ventured in!
Hungry fishHungry fish
Hungry fish

Remember the fish I told you about, those with silvery scales? Well, they were being fed on the pier, and it was a feeding frenzy!

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