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July 21st 2011
Published: July 21st 2011
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Sorry for lack of posting recently, since arriving in Bangkok it has been very hectic. Quick summary to get you upto date... we travelled home from mae hong song with dan last sunday, was a very long journey and tiring for him, we stopped at another waterfall on the way back and as we were in the mountains there were some amazing views. On arriving back to Chiang Mai we went to the weekly market popular with both tourists and locals. We purchased a few gifts. Hollie was feeling a little unwell so she headed back to boonmee guesthouse after we'd had tea and Jess and Dan stayed out for the last night in Chiang Mai, they went to a reggae bar which was very lively, a great contrast to the two little towns they had just visited and they met up with a few of Dan's friends. Jess finally had the confidence to speak to a french tourist she met briefly and was actually understood!
Somehow she managed to get home when it was getting light... 6am... though the night flew by, probably because we only arrived back in Chiang Mai about 9pm.
That same day we were due to teach in school at 1 o clock, however when they arrived Hollie began to feel worse and so they decided it was best that she got it checked out and an english speaking burmese teacher called Woody took her to see a doctor.
Meanwhile Jess had the last lesson with the class in which they practised sentences in different tenses and then when some of the class had another lesson to go to she had a fairly fluent conversation with students who had been learning english for the longest. Arriving back by the guest house we metup with Dan for the last time and went for a meal with him and his friends Valerie and Katherine before getting the coach to bangkok. It was sad to leave Chiang Mai but we will definitely be back!
Arriving in Bangkok at half 4 in the morning was not the best experience, we just wanted to sleep and did not find the nicest of guesthouses, and were asked to pay in advance! Luckily we only paid for one night. There was a cockroach in our room! Worst room we've stayed in! The next day after meeting two guys while we were having our breakfast they suggested we check out the shopping centres in Bangkok, they were HUGE! It was very easy to get lost, but they were fun to wander round. When we were leaving we met an Australian guy waiting for the bus and we decided to share a taxi with him as he was headed the same way, as we got talking on the way back and we were eager to have someone to spend the evening with as we didn't particularly like it being just us two girls in Bangkok we met up with him for something to eat and then headed to a few bars, including a rooftop bar and a few cocktail bars. We met some new friends during the evening and finished the night in a Club in Bangkok.
The next day after moving guesthouses (a great relief) we met up with our friend again (Ro) and went to the grand palace. It was amazingly impressive... It made the Doi Sutep from Chiang Mai look like nothing. We later learnt why tuk tuks are not reccomended as they like to make you stop at jewellery stores and tailors, however as there were three of us, we just made a joke of it and it was an authentic Bangkok experience... The evening was really fun, we went to mainly the same places as the day before with a few extras, we were with the people we had met the previous evening and it was another late night!
On our last day we walked along the river and went to some more temples, nowhere near as impressive as the grand palace but worth seeing all the same. It was sad to leave Ro as he had really looked after us, we had been with him to get his tattoo, and he called himself our big brother (he's 29).
So now it's back home for us, so we can save up money for future travels!


21st July 2011

Grand Palace
Grand Palace is Fantastic. Well done girls. Safe travel home xx

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