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July 15th 2011
Published: July 16th 2011
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Teaching on Friday morning was probably the most fun we've had with the class, we taught them how to describe each other, taught them body parts and taught them directions and various names for different movements. After learning a bit of vocab we integrated it all into a game involving shouting instructions such as "touch your toes" or "turn around" which they all enjoyed and we felt like the morning had been quite beneficial.
We decided that we would meet Dan at 1pm to start our road trip! Our first destination was going to be Pai, but on the way we made a stop at some hot springs. When we arrived, the weather was awful, but we didn't let it ruin our time, infact, it was quite refreshing to have the rain pouring down our backs while we were sat in the boiling mineral baths! Our skin felt amazing afterwards too. Another attraction at the hot springs, were of course, the geysers, where we could feel the heat and see the steam from about 1km away!
To accompany our journey we had some 50baht CDs from 7/11 courtesy of Dan... He thought they were a great bargain- 100 songs on each until he played them and realised it was about two men and two women taking it in turns to cover each of the songs- they are funny to laugh at though- trust us, and one or two are actually quite similar to the original! The journey was a lot nicer in the car Dan had hired as compared to our tuk tuk and minibus journeys.
Pai was a little bit of a disappointment. It did have beautiful little shops and good restaurants, but there was nothing to do in the evening. After wandering around for a long time, we realised that every bar was closed due to it being a religious Buddhist day, so it was a quiet night for us! Obviously, Pai wasn't just a disappointment due to the closed bars; there was also little to see and once again, it rained! We set off to Mae Hong Son quite early in the morning.
The route to Mae Hong Son from Chiang Mai has 1867 curves... needless to say not the smoothest of drives! There was a waterfall 10km out of Mae Hong Son which we stopped off at and took a few photos- Hollie and Jess were chuffed that Dan thought it was one of the best he's seen as it's the only one we;ve managed to squeeze into our holiday whereas he has seen several others. There was also amazing views on the mountains with a few stopping points for tourists. After taking a few wrong turnings we eventually found our next stop- a mud spa, although disappointingly the mud bath was closed, we still opted for a mud facial while Dan got an oil massage- the first massage he's had during his two months in Thailand can you believe?
Our journey from Pai to Mae Hong Son took about five hours. We've had a look around and are very impressed! It's hot, there are lots of tourists and is very pretty 😊


17th July 2011

Your tour
Sounds fantastic! You are getting quite brave stroking tigers, not sure what your mum will say about that motorbike idea.....!!

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