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August 16th 2008
Published: August 16th 2009
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After returning home from living in China for one year and completed the first year of University, it was time to go back to China with a Uni program. But had to go via Thailand with Aimee as it was the cheapest option. We arrived in Bangkok and basically went straight to Koh San Road where we stayed in a really nice place compared to the rest of the places at a reasonable price.

Bangkok was in shut down for the week, because the King's sister died 16 months ago and the funeral finally was able to take place. This meant that all the major tourist sites in Bangkok were free, so natuarally we took full advantage of this. We saw heaps of wats and the giant golden buddah statue. The statue was pretty damn big and awesome to see. After a while we decided to walk around some of the older wats that aren't big tourist sites. It was here where we came close to rabis. Whilst walking through one of the wats a group/gange of rabie infected dogs cornered us. It was panic like 'what the hell do we do'. Thank god 2 elderly women came to our rescue and quite literally said 'soooh' to the dogs and we luckly escaped our the possibility of getting rabies.

After seeing much of Bangkok, we decided to go a bit more countryside up north to a place called Anythunna (still can't spell or say it). This was my personal highlight of the 7 days we spent in Thailand. One day in particular we decided to hire bikes, normally I hate bike riding because I have the ability to crash, but Aimee said we should so we ended up bike riding. We rode around looking at all the ancient sites. Accidently we went the back way to the sites and simply jumped the small, basically non-existant fence, and skipped the entry fees. At one of the main sites we went through photo climbing challanges, which was really fun. The town was really cool and laid back, couldn't stop drinking though. Swear money always goes on food when I travel.

After a few days there we head back to Bangkok, to lay in the sun and pool side. It was here where we met Marissa and Scotty. Two funny characters from Sydney and New Zealand. Marissa and her halerious story about pooing herself in Vietnam and the Vietnamese hotel people laughing at her, was a highlight of the conversation. We went to check out the infamous pingpong shows but it was closed due to the funeral, so instead we walked around the EMPTY streets of Bangkok and then head back home. Oh I forgot to mention, watching and cheering on CCTV guy, who was pissed and head nearly face planted that many times into his dinner.

Eventually it was time to fly back to China, the airport was an adventure, which included myself falling over the walking travelators.

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